17+ Official Nendoroid Figures To Preorder (Released In 2021)

good smile company nendoroids preorder 2021

2020 has been a hectic year and that won’t slow down in 2021 for the anime industry.

With the year soon coming to an end in over 1 month, let’s focus on anime nendoroid figures for collectors.

These nendoroid figures soon to come are:

  • Officially licensed.
  • Made by Good Smile Company.
  • Taken from classic and new anime series.
  • Some are available in multiple countries.

If you want new Nendoroids to add to your collection, this is it.


Nendoroid‘s To Preorder In 2021:


1. Tomioka Nendoroid Demon Slayer

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Giyu Tomioka Nendoroid Action Figure, Multicolor
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Giyu Tomioka needs no introduction. He’s become a memorable character from the demon slayer series.

He comes with all of his expressions, and some movements from the anime!


2. Catarina Claes Nendoroid

Catarina Claes, the female harem protagonist is coming in 2021 in the USA. With a new look, nendoroid, familiar parts and expressions for anime fans.


3. Ran Mouri Nendoroid Figure

Detective Conan’s very own Ran Mouri, and acked with her familiar faces fans are bound to love.


4. Yennefer The Wild Hunt Nendoroid

The sorceress Yennefer, found in the Netflix series has been adapted by Good Smile in Nendoroid form.

Get all the parts you need and add this unique figure to your collection.


5. Black Widow Deluxe Avengers Nendoroid

Black Widow, a marvel and American comics character, now in Nendoroid form.

The Black Widow comes with enough expressions to satisfy marvel fans of this female superhero.


6. Stabber Orphen Sorcerous Nendoroid

Inspired by the Japanese light novel series by Yoshinobu Akita, Stabber Orphen’s Nendoroid is courtesy of the successful novel series.

Now you can customize his character and keep the story close to your heart.


7. Detective Conan Shinichi Nendoroid

Shinichi, the main character in the Detective Conan series which has even more episodes than One Piece!

The protagonist comes with familiar parts and pieces for the Detective Conan fan to embrace.


8. Aegis Rim Nendoroid

Aegis Rim is a highly rated video game series for the Sony PlayStation. Now you can buy the character: Iori Fuyusaka as a nendoroid and take your love of the series further.


9. Wraith Nendoroid Action Figure

The whirlwind fighter himself, known for his extremely powerful abilities from Apex Legends.

Good Smile gives you the flexibility to see that in Nendoroid form.


10. Rei Ayanami NGE Plugsuit Nendoroid

Rei Ayanami, one of the relevant characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion. A classic from the 90’s.

Grab the plugsuit version and make sure you don’t miss out before it’s too late.


11. Doll Angel Ciel Nendoroid Original

Doll Angel Ciel is an original nendoroid figurine, and doesn’t come from a particular series.

It’s one half of original nendoroid‘s by Good Smile.


12. Doll Devil Berg Nendoroid Original

Doll Devil Berg is the other half of Good Smile’s latest original Nendoroid figurines. Officially licensed.


13. Sakura Alter Ego Passionlip Nendoroid

Good Smile Fate/Grand Order: Alter Ego/Passionlip Nendoroid
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Sakura’s Alter Ego from the Fate Grand Order series. With a unique display and design for her character.

Get this exclusive Nendoroid by Good Smile Company for your Fate collection.


14. Hina Tsurugi Nendoroid

Hina Tsurugi, the cute and loveable anime girl from Diary Of Our Days At The Breakwater.

She comes with her regular innocent smile, fishing parts, fishing hat and more relive the anime’s best moments!


15. Miku Kimono Nendoroid

Hatsune Miku in her Kimono from the Vocaloid series.

She comes with wholesome expressions, Chinese bellflower and a Japanese umbrella!


16. Triss Merigold Nendoroid

Triss Merigold, the legendery sourceress of the 13th century from The Witcher Wild Hunt series.

Fire effects, her red book, a smiling face plate and her cards come with this Nendoroid figure.


17. Tenya Iiida MHA Nendoroid

Good Smile My Hero Academia: Tenya Iida Nendoroid
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Tenya Iida, the class rep and leader of the group is back in action with Good Smile.

His usual facial expressions, some extra parts and poses come packed with this Nendoroid… up for preorder!

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