Digital Artist Turns “Pakistan” Into A Naruto-Style Anime!

naruto pakistan 1

Pakistan is a country like many without it’s own anime series. Or even production companies and anything related to the anime industry.

It’s just not there yet for its own reasons.

But a Pakistani artist from Canada gives some insight into what “anime” could look like in Pakistan.

This digital artist, inspired by Naruto, created some anime designs set in Pakistan. Mirrored from the Naruto universe and famous scenes from the anime.

Even the white petals and everything from the similar Naruto scene are here.

In this scene – the digital Pakistani artist takes a kid in part of India, and designs it as a Junchiruki in the twin-tailed form.


More Naruto-style Pakistan scenes

The artist seems to have stopped sharing designs at this point, but the feedback speaks for itself on Twitter.

He might start sharing more in the future, but for now – “suspense” is his reasoning.


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