4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying

The Rising of the shield hero’s main character Naofumi is poorly mistreated throughout the first season.

With both the second and third season already being announced it’s time to look back on the first season.

While we look at the first season, we can see The Shield Hero is bullied, misunderstood, and mistreated. He’s constantly betrayed and forced to work by himself.

Every time something good happens for him, he has to take two steps backwards.

The Shield Hero is relatable to a lot of different people. Even though he’s constantly mistreated he still fights to protect the people of the land.

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 1

The first season is a rough season for our hero, not as rough as Kirito’s first season from Sword Art Online (SAO).

Even still – it’s definitely comparable.


The Rising of The Shield Hero is like high school

I know what you are thinking, yeah, but they are in a new world, how is that high school?

Well, that is very simple. You see high school is rough and torturous. Especially in a freshman year of high school, middle school, or college.

Naofumi is like a freshman that is constantly being bullied and picked on.

Like the super nerd of the school basically. Naofumi, despite being misunderstood by everyone,and constantly shown to be the bad guy to the kingdom, is really just a good dude.

All he wants to do is go back to his world. He’s tired of everyone’s behaviour towards him. His one and only goal is to save the realm and then go home. 

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 2

There’s a huge lesson to take away from this show. One of them is being bullied can make you stronger.

I’m saying this as someone who was bullied as a student. We can either let our bullies torment us and change who we are, or we can let it make us stronger. 

Naofumi shows us ways that we can overcome bullying, both verbally and physically.


1. Turn words into fuel

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 3

Verbal abuse is common nowadays thanks to social media.

The use of social media makes it so people can get bullied from anywhere in the world, anonymously.

False rumors are spread about Naofumi throughout the kingdom. This bothers him every step of the way and he hates it.

He uses this as fuel to prove his innocence. Now you might be wondering how does that help me if I’m getting bullied? The answer is simple.

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 4

While people try to lie and make fun of you, just remember you can let it bother you or you can let it help you.

Naofumi show us that even though people are pressuring him, he continues to be himself and grows through their words.

He wants to prove his innocence so badly that he uses their words as power.

He doesn’t physically use the words as power but more like brain fuel. If you’re being bullied, the words they say to you can become strength.

The reason many beautiful people are called ugly, fat, disgusting, and so on is because the people calling you that are jealous and want to be more like you.

You can let their words bother you or strengthen your confidence. When they call you a nerd, well, I used to be called a nerd and now I’m using that as fuel to boost my career.

It’s not fun being called mean names, but in the long run everything that was said to me has been fuel that burns inside of me.

This fuel pushes me to beat them all and show them that, I am much more than the verbal abuse and the words they called me.

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2. Find strength in protecting others!

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 5

Naofumi to me is an ideal image of how to deal with bullying because of his strength.

He’s frustrated when he’s by himself, yet he fights back and stands tall in front of everyone else. As he is constantly abused and used, he builds inner-strength that’s within all of us.

It’s this strength that pushes him to get stronger and prove his innocence. He uses this newfound strength to protect the innocent and the weak.

Naofumi shows us that it isn’t cool to be picked on, but also that even if you are being picked on you can still stand up and defend others.

The fact that no matter what happens he always chooses to help the weak. No matter who you are or how weak you are, defending someone indirectly gives you more strength and courage. 

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 6

Bullies pride themselves in power. Once that power is gone, they are just normal people.

The strength to stand up to a bully whether or not you are being bullied takes their power away.

Being someone who refuses to jump on the bully train isn’t enough.

Be the outlier, become the target of their mistreatment to others.

Some people can’t take being bullied everyday and even though you might not be able to either, you jumping to save another takes some of their power away.

They then target you trying to break you.

Being bullied is rough, many people don’t jump in and help out. But you jumping in and helping someone getting bullied will be seen by others.

You’ll be surprised how people will rally and start defending you. They might not start rallying right away but eventually they will. 

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3. Be yourself no matter what!

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 7

No matter what the characters of the show said or did Naofumi stayed true to himself.

He may not have been himself around his bullies, but alone he was true to himself. He constantly put a front up in front of his bullies showing them strength.

That strength also leads to him becoming stronger.


Being yourself is important, don’t change who you are to fit in

Sometimes it’s easier to fit in than being yourself. Sometimes not being yourself leads to bullies not bullying you.

The truth is though that if you can’t be yourself than who are you?

People might not understand you, but you understand yourself and that’s all that matters. Don’t ever change who you are to fit in. 

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4. Tell someone you are being bullied and ask for help!

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 8

Telling someone you are being bullied can sometimes be forgotten.

The truth is some teachers, parents, and friends want to help.

Bullying can happen to anyone; Adults sometime go and talk to psychiatrists just to get help and ideas of how to overcome the bullying.

It’s okay to ask for help.

Help can come in many ways from physical to verbal advice. The strength in telling someone can give you confidence.

4 Life Lessons Naofumi Iwatani (Shield Hero) Taught Me About Bullying 9

Many people forget bullying is an everyday thing for many middle schoolers and high schoolers.

I think anime is a great way to escape and many shows from The Rising of The Shield Hero, to Sword Art Online are great to deal with being bullied.

The characters are strong, brave, and misunderstood. And some anime teach you about strength when being bullied and how to get through it.

Sure, we aren’t battling demons, but we are struggling with the words they say that make us feel bad about ourselves. That’s why I believe that we should use the words bullies say as fuel to make us stronger.

Remember bullying can happen anywhere and to everyone. Even as adults you can get bullied. So, if you are being bullied ask someone for help and advice at the least.


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