MyAnimeList Website Still Down Due To “Optimization” Issues Since July 13th 2020

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MyAnimeList has been down in the past, just like any other website that reaches millions of people.

But since July 13th its been down more noticeably than the past.

July15th is when MyAnimeList decided to optimize site speed, which ended up breaking the website.

I’m not sure how a site boost has managed to cause this much trouble, but it’s probably related to their Cloudfront CDN to some extent.

They shared another update on July 15th 2020.

1.5 hours was the expected time for the site to be down. But as some anime fans know, this hasn’t reflected everyone’s experience.

Ever since the 15h of July this problem has been on and off, with it getting worse on July 19th 2020.

As shown by the Tweets

Just like I pointed out, speed optimization isn’t expected to cause these types of issues. Especially when the intention is to improve.

A lot of people are of course being dramatic and talking about using other services, but understandably this has been going on for almost 7 days in some way shape or form.

mal down

This is the error that shows up right now at 21:50 UK time.

Whether this problem will fix by time Monday comes around (July 20th) or it continues for another week is anyone’s guess.

MAL (MyAnimeList) hasn’t said or gave an update about anything since July 15th.

myanimelist down website

Website checkup services still show the site is down for everyone worldwide.

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