MyAnimeList DOWN 8+ Hours, People Believe Nux Taku Fans Are To Blame

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MyAnimeList, according to their Twitter has been down since 5:37 PM (UK Time).

They say it’s because their site is under a strong DDOS attack.

Ironically – I’ve noticed ALL DAY on February 18th I couldn’t access MyAnimeList.

Even now when I try to use the site, It fails to load.

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And website service checkers report the same thing.

mal website down checker


Misty Chronexia’s “tongue in cheek” comment points to Nux Taku


It’s not just anime YouTuber: Misty Chronexia who believes it


But some people at least know that’s NOT true


But there’s always gotta be that “one” fan who says something daft like this


A voice of reason from MAL’S team

As we can see – people are blowing this out of proportion.

People don’t realize how often websites are attacked on a DAILY basis.

In fact – as we speak, Anime Motivation is being attacked almost every second in one way or another. Just not at the level of a DDOS attack.

So imagine what a website like MAL is experiencing right now because of the DDOS attack.


Taking a website down for 8+ hours is the damage it causes

It seems anime websites in the west like:

  • Anime News Network
  • Crunchyroll
  • And now MyAnimeList

Have all been targets of some sort of attack at some point in their history.

Whatever the motivation – it’s clear someone has a personal issue that can’t be explained.


News source: Twitter.



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