My Hero Academia’s Fascist Because Bakugo Shares Birthday With Hitler? #APOLOGIZE_HORIKOSHI

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If the last post I made about #APOLOGIZE_HORIKOSHI wasn’t enough, now fans are claiming My Hero Academia is fascist.

Here’s the last post if you’re curious:

My Hero Academia Outrage Continues As Fans BURN Manga

Moving on… Why are people saying this?

That’s simple:

  • Bakugo Katsuki shares the same birthday as Hitler.

So called fans have taken it a step further.

They’re doing everything in their little minds to find unrelated and coincidental connections between My Hero Academia‘s characters and their birthdays.

And by doing so – claiming the anime is fascist and the author MUST have done this on purpose.


Tweets claiming My Hero Academia is fascist

If you read and analyze every Tweet, you might do a double take and even question if this is real life.

So called anime fans who have nothing better to do seem to be projecting their own unhappiness in life onto the author of My Hero Academia.

There’s no end to the madness and the insane narrow mindedness of these ex-supporters.


The voice of reason

As this person says – the notion of you being “associated” with something because you share the same birthday as someone is nuts.

It’s like saying if you wear odd socks you’re more likely to be an extrovert.


And in this Tweet – the “voice of reason” speaks loud and clear. Among the LOUD noise of fools who wanna push their own narrative to deal with their realities.

News source: Twitter.



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