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Angry Mother’s Criticize World’s End Harem, Says “Women Aren’t Just Machines For Breeding”

Annoyed Mothers Criticize World’s End Harem, Says Women Aren’t Just Machines For Breeding
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World’s End Harem, or “Shuumatsu No Harem” is an anime we all knew would be controversial the moment it was announced.

The anime industry has a habit of receiving controversial anime almost every single year, with the last 4 releasing anime like Redo Of Healer, Goblin Slayer, Ishuzoku Reviewers and Shield Hero.

All of these anime caused a stir, and World’s End Harem is the latest trigger.


Women aren’t just machines used for breeding

worlds end harem flirting sex scene

Many complaints came flooding through Japan’s BPO (Broadcast Ethics And Program Improvement Organization).

Of the 2043 complaints sent in during January 2022, World’s End Harem was a major target. Mainly from irritated mothers.


“Friday late at night, I was surprised at the anime I saw my high school son hiding from his parents. It wasn’t the type of content broadcast by commercial broadcasters. [The series was set in a world where] In the future, a strange disease caused an epidemic where a number of men die, with only five men surviving and women remaining. The government makes the five men have sexual intercourse with the remaining women and makes them get pregnant to increase the number of children in the future. Sexual intercourse, non-contraception, fertilization, impregnation… women are not machines for birthing. This belittles women. The animation cells during nude scenes are painted over with black, but it is still unpleasant.”

It’s a fair critique from the perspective of a mother who suddenly finds their son “hiding” an anime like World’s End Harem because they know what kind of reaction it will get.

Parents can be panicky, and not everyone is gonna take this type of content lightly.

That said, the premise of this anime has to be looked at for what it is, rather than what we would like it to be.

It’s fiction after all, and doesn’t apply to real life so we also can’t think of it in “real world” terms. Not to mention the MEN are also being used for “breeding” so it’s not fair to make it a gender issue.

What do you think?


What is World’s End Harem?

YouTube video

As pointed out by the QUOTE from the mother in particular, the anime is about a world where a virus wipes out 99% of the male population.

Naturally, this leaves a minority of Men left where women are unaffected. And so the government, as would any sane person in this scenario, orders the remaining men to impregnate as many women as possible.

The purpose is to obviously repopulate society and save the human race (population wise).

The anime might be cringey and a clear trigger type of anime for some, but it is what it is. Trashy entertainment never hurt anyone.

This is that kind of anime.





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