Monster Harem: A Dungeon RPG With Lots To Explore (NSFW)

monster harem nutaku game review

Monster Harem – Crawl the dungeon and build a harem at the same time.

This is not a hentai clicker game or something similar to those kinds of things and this unique game is the one and only dungeon crawler hentai game.

Nutaku brings you the Monster Harem, a free mobile hentai RPG game. Released on December 9, 2019.

You can play it for free at Nutaku. This is one of the rare games that are quite fun and can give a feeling of heat as well as many other interesting things inside of it.

The storyline in the game belongs to another universe hidden from what is on the market. So if you want to feel the experience of becoming a hero inside a game, this is very suitable for you to play.

The player is the only male character in Monster Harem, all characters in this kingdom are girls.

However, as the only man who was summoned to this world to fight Lord De Struk Shun, the players need to summon the strongest and sexiest warrior in this kingdom to fight the dark army to help them conquer the dungeon.

The gameplay of the game is built with card game style but combined with tactical elements.

When playing the game you need to think very carefully and make the right choice to clear the dungeon. 



monster harem dungeons game nutaku

A full dungeon battle with various types of scary monsters. Dungeons in this game it is built like a maze, so you have to find the right path.

Every time a player chooses a path, it will spend energy points when moving, players will see monsters in every path they take and must defeat them to clear it.

Clearing a stage with a full star is not a must but you will get an additional bonus when you are clearing the dungeon perfectly.

You also need to maximize the potential of female characters so you can unlock more lewd scenes and continue the adventure.

This game has a lot of replayability, making you want to come back and find more items for some of the characters to upgrade.


Building a balanced deck composition and character in the team is the key to your victory

monster harem dungeon girls

In-game purchases are also available for this game, if you need some help to boost your character with some items you can use Nutaku coins to buy several items in the shop.

That said, I do not recommend you do this but it’s all up to you.

Since this is a nice game to play, I think spending several bucks is enough to see what will we get from those paid features before deciding to spend more.

Great graphics for each lewd scene is something you can’t ignore. The shape of the girl’s body with uncensored genitals during intimate sex serve nicely in cartoon style graphic.

All the women have a voice actor in this game, it means you can hear them moan real loud when having sex with the main character inside the game.

monster harem legs open

They also provide you with a great SFX and BGM inside the dungeon so you will also feel the thrill from this game.

This game is also available for Android smartphones and desktops so you can enjoy this game anywhere and anytime you like. 

When it comes to the Dungeon Crawler game, Monster Harem is something you can try for sure. Even if this free game they manage to give their best in gameplay, graphics, and sounds.

They won’t disappoint you if you are looking for a unique game to play.

Try this game by yourself and start to explore and help those sexy babes to save their world. You will get their sexy body and steamy sex scene as the reward.


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