27+ Of The Best Monogatari T Shirts To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

monogatari anime wallpaper yotsugi mayoi

Monogatari is a complex and thought provoking anime by studio shaft.

With so many interesting characters, there’s plenty of merchandise to grab for it.

If you’re looking for:

  • Nisemonogatari
  • Nekomonogaoari

And Monogatari t shirts in general, this is the list for you.

Here’s the best designs from the best characters.


1. Shinobu Oshino T Shirt

143067 0

Shinobu Oshino T Shirt


2. Monogatari Signs T Shirt

9100443 0

Monogatari animal signs that represent different characters like Hachikuji Mayoi.

Monogatari Signs T Shirt


3. Kanbaru Fresh Senior T Shirt

1395528 1

Kanbaru T Shirt


4. Senjougahara T Shirt

763186 1

Senjougahara T Shirt


5. Shinobu Cute T Shirt

5199196 0

Shinobu Cute T Shirt


6. Hanekawa Control T Shirt

2608289 0

Hanekawa Control T Shirt


7. Hachikuji Mayoi T Shirt

5999555 0

Hachikuji T Shirt


8. Senjougahara Bakemonogatari T Shirt

8239373 0

Senjougahara Short Hair T Shirt


9. Senjougahara Sitting Down T Shirt

7120199 0

Senjougahara Sitting Down T Shirt


10. Araragi Kun Yellow T Shirt

591275 1

Araragi Kun Tee


11. Araragi Kun Funny Face T Shirt

591274 1

Kiyomi Araragi Funny Tee


12. Shinobu Shade T Shirt

7186917 0

Shinobu Shade Tee


13. Araragi Kiyomi T Shirt

942874 1

Araragi Kiyomi T Shirt


14. Kiyomi Serious Face T Shirt

590885 1

Kiyomi Serious Face T Shirt


15. Senjougahara Quotes T Shirt

5999389 0

Senjougahara T Shirt


16. Monogatari T Shirt

774521 1

Monogatari T Shirt


17. Hitagi Minamilist T Shirt

5999361 0

Hitagi Minamilist T Shirt


18. Hachikuji Mayoi T Shirt

4958624 0

Mayoi T Shirt


19. Ononoki T Shirt

6896558 0

Ononoki T Shirt


20. Shinobu Pilot Hat T Shirt

2050034 1

Shinobu Pilot Hat T Shirt


21. Yotsugi T Shirt

3342804 0

Yotsugi T Shirt


22. Hachikuji Sleeping T Shirt

6897037 0

Mayoi Sleeping T Shirt


23. Hanekawa Neko T Shirt

6896845 0

Hanekawa Cat T Shirt


24. Waifu Trash T Shirt

6862609 0

Waifu Trash T Shirt


25. Bakemonogatari Icons T Shirt

4009853 0

Bakemonogatari Icons T Shirt


26. Ononoki Peace T Shirt

6896679 0

Ononoki Peace T Shirt


27. Shinobu x Yotsugi T Shirt

6896882 0

Shinobu x Yotsugi T Shirt


Shop for more Monogatari Merchandise

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