Monica Rial Wants MORE Money From Vic Mignogna (Update)

Monica Rial Wants MORE Money From Vic Mignogna (Update)

Vic Mignogna’s sexual allegations case is still ongoing.

The last thing that happened was Vic’s appeal went through. Despite the court fees he was ordered to pay out, he’s appealed it. So the case is still moving forward.

Monica Rial Wants MORE Money From Vic Mignogna (Update) 1

The latest news is Monica Rial and her lawyer want more money from the case. Probably because of the court fees associated with everything that’s happened over the last few months.


In the court document, it says:

“Appeal is taken from the order dated November 25th 2019, in which the trial court awarded attorneys fees and sanctions to defendants in the amount of $100,000, without considering defendants evidence of time and labor supporting a higher reward.”

In plain English, this translates to: “$100,000 is not enough, we want MORE money. from Vic Mignogna.”

There’s been no more news since this was revealed. Expect more soon.



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Eff Vic he’s a dumb turd :V