2 Miroku Quotes From Inuyasha That Prove He Has A Good Heart

Miroku monk from Inuyasha
Written by Theo J Ellis

Miroku is the character from Inuyasha who loves women more than anything else. Or at least it seems that way.

But underneath everything Miroku seems to be, he’s a good guy with a good heart.

And he does care about Sango. Which he proves throughout the Anime show as you get deeper into it.

Let’s get into these quotes.

Miroku Quotes

What good is this cursed hand if I can't protect the woman I love? - Miroku

“What good is this cursed hand if I can’t protect the woman I love?” – Miroku

I love this quote. Why? Because it shows how much he cares. And how genuine his words are.

In life the last thing you’d want is to NOT be able to protect those you care about. If it ever comes to a point where you’d have to protect them from danger.

And not being able to do that is saddening. That’s what makes Miroku’s quote so relatable.


Life itself is a frightening image for every human being... being strong in life isn't easy. - Miroku

“Life itself is a frightening image for every human being… being strong in life isn’t easy.” – Miroku

Life is frightening because where there’s life, there is also death. Life only lasts for so long.

We only get so much time to do the things we want. Sometimes life’s challenges aren’t easy, and sometimes it’s overwhelming.

That’s why it’s important to not only look on the bright side of life, but to do everything you want to do while you still can.

That’s the message behind this Miroku Quote. And we can all relate to this.

What do you think of these 2 quotes by Miroku? Do you have any Inuyasha quotes you’d like to suggest?

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