12+ Michiko To Hatchin Quotes For Fans Of This Classic Series

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Michiko To Hatchin quotes taken from characters:

  • Michiko Malandro.
  • Hana Morenos.
  • Hiroshi Morenos.

Michiko To Hatchin  is a classic series from the 2000’s. Focused on black culture and mostly black anime characters.

You can think of it like a cultured version of Black Lagoon.

There aren’t too many notable quotes from the characters of this anime, but we’ll focus on the ones worth mentioning.

Some will take you back, and others give the anime meaning.

Here are the best lines.


1. Michiko Malandro Quotes

michiko malandro quotes

“What’s up with your t*ts?! They don’t jiggle at all!” – Michiko Malandro


michiko malandro quotes 1

“‘I’ll send you on an express train to hell.” – Michiko Malandro


michiko malandro quotes 2

“I believe in you, so believe in me, okay?” – Michiko Malandro


michiko malandro quotes 3

“Hey, get on with it! Otherwise I will shoot you in the head, and your brains will go flying!” – Michiko Malandro


michiko malandro quotes 4

“It would be nice to literally swim more freely, like a fish.” – Michiko Malandro


2. Hana Morenos Quotes

hana morenos quotes

“You treat me like dirt everyday! Do you even know I’m a person?!” – Hana Morenos


hana morenos quotes 1

“That man brimming with hope, and a strong desire for a family, ended up up running off with another woman before long. Was i hurt, no..i don’t think my feelings were ever there in the first place.” – Hana Morenos


hana morenos quotes 2

“Please don’t hit me out of desperation!” – Hana Morenos


hana morenos quotes 3

“From the other side of the road, someone will come and pick me up…there is no chance of that happening.” – Hana Morenos


hana morenos quotes 4

“How far shall we go this time…. Michiko?” – Hana Morenos


3. Hiroshi Morenos Quotes

hiroshi morenos quotes

“I can see it now, we’ll fill the void, that great big ten year void.” – Hiroshi Morenos


hiroshi morenos quotes 1

“Sorry to make you wait, Hana…I have come to pick you up.” – Hiroshi Morenos


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