Top 10 Megahouse Figures That Will Look Good In Your Bedroom

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Megahouse makes some interesting figurines. And if not one of the best of its kind.

Alongside famous and talented companies like Good Smile, Max Factory and Kotobukiya.

If you’re looking for what Megahouse anime figures to buy, this guide will help you.

And you can also dive into more Megahouse figures at the end of the post. Should you want to explore the full range while doing your shopping!


Top 10 Megahouse Anime Figures:



1. Kagura 2 Years Later Gintama GEM Statue

Megahouse anime figures

Kagura 2 Years Later Gintama Figure for Sale


The first Megahouse figure is of Kagura from the famous Gintama anime series. Which focuses on comedy.

Kagura is seen holding her purple umbrella usually used when its sunny.

Along with her chinese sexy red outfit that shows off her figure (literally).

And Kagura’s “head in the clouds” look tops it off, making this well-designed figure one worth grabbing.

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2. Monkey D Luffy Kabuki Edition One Piece Statue

Megahouse anime figuresMonkey D Luffy Kabuki Statue for Sale


The 2nd Megahouse figure is of Monkey D Luffy. The famous main character from the One Piece series.

Monkey D Luffy comes in a special Kabuki Edition outfit and red clothing.

Designed with markings all over his body. One Piece fans should be sure not to miss this.

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3. Sasuke Uchiha Raijin & Naruto Uzumaki GEM Statues

Megahouse Anime figures

Naruto and Sasuke Statues for Sale


Naruto and Sasuke from the popular Naruto series are together, courtesy of Megahouse.

Naruto’s shown displaying his form with his own special display base.

And Sasuke is also shown with his own special display base. Showcasing both of their abilities.

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4. Sasuke Uchiha Baruto The Movie GEM Statue

Megahouse Anime figures

Sasuke Uchiha Baruto Statue for Sale


Sasuke Uchiha from the Baruto movie, courtesy of Megahouse.

Sasuke’s simple design comes with his weapon, black sandals and standard ninja costume.

This is a PVC Statue so there are no extra poses, though the figure is high quality.


5. Misaki Akeno High School Fleet Statue

Megahouse anime figures

Misaki Akeno High School Fleet Statue for Sale


5th top Megahouse figure to purchase is Misaki Akeno. One of the fleet girls from the high school fleet military series.

She’s seen in her standard school uniform, long blue socks and a cheerful persona.

This figure will look great alongside your collection of female figurines. Or stand-out among male anime figures.


6. Kakashi & Ninjen Dog Set GEM Statue

Megahouse anime figures

Kakashi Ninjen Dog Set Figures for Sale


This rare set of figurines by Megahouse features Kakashi and a set of mini dogs surrounded him.

And a large bulldog sat right beside Kakashi as he chills and kicks back.

With a special large blue display base, this set is a must for Naruto fans.

And with Megahouse behind the design and production, you’re in good hands!


7. Sawada Tsunayoshi Hibari Kyoya & Reborn GEM Statues

Megahouse anime figures

Sawada Tsunayoshi Hibari Kyoya & Reborn Figures for Sale


7th Megahouse top figure to get are these guys. They both come as a bundle and separate.

But if you get them both together you’ll save some money off your order.

Both figures are part of the GEM series of toys by Megahouse.


8. Greymon And Taichi Digimon GEM Statue

Megahouse anime figures

Greymon & Taichi Megahouse Figures for Sale


One of the top 10 figures on this list to consider is Greymon & Taichi.

One of the main characters from he Digimon anime series.

Both figures come with a range of stances, positions and poses. Bringing each to life.

Add this to your Digimon-Wishlist!


9. Shanks One Piece Action Heroes Figure

Megahouse anime figures

Shanks Action Heroes Figure on Sale


9th anime figure is the legendary Shanks, from One Piece.

Courtesy of the action heroes line by Megahouse.

Shanks comes with a wide range of action poses, facial expressions and his sword.

You can add or remove his hat. Plus change-up plenty of his optional parts. Right out of the box.

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10. Rin & Yukio Okumura Blue Exorcist GEM Statues

Megahouse anime figures

Rin And Yukio Blue Exorcist Statues for Sale


And last but not least – Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura. Main characters from anime: Blue Exorcist.

You can get both figures separate, or bundled together for a better deal. And an extra dose of Nostalgia. 😉

Get your hands on these high quality figures with FREE UK shipping. And global shipping if you’re an international anime collector. 🙂


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