Want To See Some Manga-inspired Basketball Fanart? The March Madness For Artists Is Back!

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Have you heard about the March ART Madness competition?

No, it’s not the giant College Basketball tournament from the USA but a massive event for artists and lovers of pop culture.

With 64 different artists from around the world participating in the event, their friends, family, and even YOU can help choose who the best fan art creator should be! 


Here’s a quick rundown of the event

Artwork by @Oblivious334

March ART Madness is Saturday AM’s annual art competition where some of the top global illustrators show off their creative skills, mano-a-mano, in a total of five rounds spanning the month of March.

Every round is single elimination, each with its unique theme for the artists to draw, and all of the artwork will be judged by none other than the staff of the World’s MOST DIVERSE Manga brand, Saturday AM.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive top art supplies for both digital and physical artwork as well as a PROFESSIONAL ART CONTRACT from mobile game developer, FLICK GAMES.

Artwork by @jacobsm art

Every year, this intense competition tests all of the skills necessary for serious artists. For example, there’s a near 99% chance that the WINNER will have to draw things that they’ve never attempted before.

Artists who love Dragonball may have to draw SUPER MARIO and fans of Street Fighter may have to illustrate SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

March ART Madness is equal parts challenging and fun for both participants AND visitors.

Even if you are not participating in the competition itself, you have the power to vote for your favorite artwork each round of the tournament. 

Currently, all of the 2021 artists are in the middle of Round 3 where they have to design a solitaire card inspired by the current Sweet 16 NCAA March Madness basketball mascots!

If you have a moment to spare, GO VOTE for the latest entries and help your favorite artists make it to round 4!



Frederick L. Jones

“After a difficult few months of the pandemic, it’s been an honor to work with Flick Games and our other sponsors for our 2021 March ART Madness.

This year’s tournament brings people from 6 of the 7 continents including countries like South Africa, Peru, Ireland, and New Zealand. Knowing that young artists can be challenged, win rewards for their artwork, and gain more global fans is a very rewarding experience that we hope everyone appreciates.” 



saturday AM logo


Saturday AM is the World’s Most Diverse Manga Brand.

The US-based global brand, Saturday AM, brings together diverse creator-owned series from around the world.

Promoting more inclusive manga-style comics that feature heroic characters of various ethnicities, genders, and orientations,

If you’re interested in more of what they do, you can also check out their Official APP:

  • Saturday AM Global Comics” where they create digital magazines.
  • Saturday PM, their seinen inspired anthology.
  • Saturday Brunch, their LGBTQ+, and female protagonist lead series collection.


For more information about Saturday AM see here:




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