MangaBank Piracy Site Owner Sentenced By CHINESE Authorities On Behalf Of Japan

Written by Theo J Ellis

In the last story I covered with piracy just yesterday:

  • The perpetrator was in his early 50’s.
  • He was unemployed.
  • He wanted to “share” anime via his pirate site.

But ultimately that got him thrown in the slammer. And he’ll be sentenced to 5 years in prison… All because he shared anime with the world.

In today’s case, it’s a bit different but still similar. The owner of the MASSIVE piracy site MangaBank was sentenced by Chinese authorities.


“Following a complaint from Japanese publishers and a criminal process in China, a man in his thirties has been sentenced for operating MangaBank, a massive manga piracy site that shut down in 2021. Local authorities found no copyright infringement in China but accepted that the man’s behavior ran contrary to the right of communication to the public.”

According to Similarweb, a site for measuring statistics (estimated) MangaBank reached almost 1M+ visitors a month. In 2021 this number was around 81+ million.

As of right now the website doesn’t load or seem to exist anymore.


Japanese publishers are relentless these days

Anime Guy Running Away Scared

As worded by TorrentFreak:

“Japanese manga publishing giants Shueisha, Kadowaka, Kodansha, and Shogakukan are on a mission to disrupt piracy in any way possible.”

And also:

“In November 2021, Shueisha, Kodansha, Shogakukan and Kadokawa said they were preparing to file a criminal complaint against MangaBank’s operator. The publishers also received assistance from the Fukuoka Prefectural Police, who had previously worked on the infamous Mangamura case.

The investigation eventually led to MangaBank’s operator in Chongqing, China, and a request to Japan-based anti-piracy group CODA to use its office in China to take action.”

The earlier MangaBank story (in 2021) was also covered by Anime Motivation.

Since the copyright law (new copyright law) came into effect in January 2021 in Japan, companies like Shueisha, Kadokawa and others have been relentless in their pursuit of pirates.

In fact, they are so aggressive that it seems almost every few months there are multiple new cases of pirate owners (or sites) being shut down.

Sometimes out of fear, sometimes because they’re taken to court, their site is confiscated, and whatever else.

But at the end of the day – will it benefit the anime industry in the grand scheme of things? You decide.

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