Manga Publishers On The HUNT To Identify Massive Pirate Site Owners

Major Manga Publishers Are On The Hunt To Identify Massive Pirate Site Owners
Written by Theo J Ellis

Manga publishers aren’t fucking around anymore. 2021 Is officially the year when some of them start taking drastic measures to protect their IP. (Intellectual property).

This is pretty much the case with MAJOR publishers like:

  • Shueisha.
  • Kodansha.
  • Kadokawa.
  • Shogakukan.


What’s the beef?

erika eating beef girls und panzer

As pointed out by Torrent Freak:

“Manga publishing giants Shogakukan, Shueisha, Kadokawa and Kodansha have a new batch of pirate sites in their collective crosshairs. In one action they have asked a US court to help them obtain the identities of several ‘pirate’ operators pulling in a few million visits per month. In another, just two domains are pulling in a staggering 290 million visits per month.”


290 million visitors a month combined

This case (similar cases) has been going on throughout the year.

For example: Manga Publisher Shueisha Seeks Google’s Help To Shutdown Piracy Network!

This just happens to be the next episode of manga publishers pursuing pirates, aggressively.

With 2 pirate sites in particular raking in that many visitors combined, they’re in the crosshairs of big manga publishers and they’re not afraid to pull the trigger.

What’s especially important this time though is WHO the pirate site owners are.


Pirate sites Manga1000 and Manga1001

As pointed out by Similarweb, both sites have over 100M visitors per month. With Manga 1001 having almost 200M visitors alone.

They’re big targets on the list for good reason.

8 more pirate sites, some of which are in the low millions like are also on the list of Shueisha in particular.


The domino effect

tonari no seki kun dominoes fall 2

The plan is to:

  • Find the pirate site owners and those who operate it.
  • Take them to court.
  • And have everything collapse from there.

When you take out the ones in control, everything else falls like dominoes. And that’s why they’re pushing so hard to find them.

Will it work? And will it lead to a better outcome for Manga overall?

Let’s see how it all plays out.


References: TorrentFreak


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