The Top 26 Cities In The World Where Manga Is POPULAR

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I’ve already covered the countries in the world who love anime the most.

And I’ve also covered the top countries who love HENTAI more than anybody else.

So this time around we’ll focus on the cities and districts across the world who are BIG fans of Manga.

google trends popular cities manga
Google Trends graph for Manga worldwide.

This is all according to Google, who has the most data of anything on the internet.

Source: Manga – Google Trends

Let’s get started. Leave your comments if you’re city makes it on the list.


Top Cities & Districts For Manga Worldwide:


1. Manilla

Manilla 1


2. Seoul

seoul 2


3. Quezon City

quezon city 2


4. Makati

makati 1


5. Bangkok

bangkok 1


6. Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpur 1


7. Surabaya

surabaya 1


8. Ho Chi Minh City

ho chi minh 1


9. Singapore

singapore 1


10. Jakarta



11. Hanoi

hanoi 1


12. Santiago

santiago 1


13. Mexico City

mexico city 1


14. Osaka

osaka japan 1


15. Riyadh

riyadh 1


16. Bogota

bogota 1


17. Paris

paris 1


18. São Paulo

sao paulo 1


19. Moscow

moscow 1


20. Toronto

toronto 1


21. Buenos Aires

buenos 1


22. Madrid



23. Milan



24. Los Angeles

los angeles 1


25. New York

new york 1


26. London


And there you have it: the most popular cities in the world for Manga.

Did your city make it on the list? If not (and if it did) – share your city in the comments if you love Manga.

And if you have suggestions for a similar post you want to see, share it!


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