Malaysia Censors ‘Attack On Titan’ Manga by Making The Titans Wear Underpants!

malaysian censorship attack on titan

Some of the stories I catch and publish first, or see beforehand are unreal sometimes. But you can’t make this sh*t up.

Malaysia, a country known for its censorship, has been caught censoring the TITANS in the AOT Manga.

Are they going too far?


AOT Titans caught wearing underpants

attack on titan manga censorship malaysia

aot underwear malaysia censorship

As you can see from the page in the mangatitans are seeing battling it out with a pair of big boy shorts and underwear.

It’s the only part of the titan’s body that’s “covered” up, though Attack On Titan was never nude to begin with.

Titans simply had “nothing” there and nobody ever thought about it. Plus they’re designed in a way that you wouldn’t put so much focus onto it.


Reddit noticed it first

attack on titan underwear malaysia reddit

As pointed out by Hypebeast:

“Reddit users in the Southeast Asian country recently highlighted how a comic magazine in the nation applies clothing to illustrations of the humanoid Titans of the series.

Censored panels, translated into the Malay language, show male Titans wearing underwear and female Titans wearing bodysuits despite not having genitalia.”

They must have had an internal meeting and come to the conclusion that the “titans” are too nude. And so they threw on some undies to protect the innocent from seeing something so vile and obscene.

Jokes aside, what do you think?

Source: HypeBeast



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