5 Unlikely Life Lessons From Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out!

uzaki hana and sakurai funny

What do you mean “Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out” can teach me life lessons.

You pulling me leg, mate?

Jokes aside, even though Uzaki Chan is one of the most controversial shows in anime‘s history. And one of the most talked about anime in 2020, there are life lessons to learn from it.

The devil is always hiding in the details. The white space where no one else is looking.

That’s where Uzaki Hana and the other characters can teach you important lessons.

Let’s talk about it.


The Best Life Lessons From Uzaki Chan:


1. Work should be fun

There’s a dumb scene in Uzaki Chan, I forget the episode now.

Ami Asai, the daughter of the shop owner is watching Uzaki and Sakurai make a fool of themselves. And they end up spilling water all over themselves after falling to the floor.

A typical cliche Ecchi scene.

While Ami is a bit of troll, putting the main character’s in circumstances for her own entertainment, there’s a lesson here.

The lesson is to have fun at work.

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Ami Asai never misses a moment to make work enjoyable, and never gets anchored down in the “grind” of work itself.

She finds ways to keep things interesting, even if that means observing customers who come into the cafe. And taking solace in their stories, conversations, and how they go about their lives.

It’s an easy thing to miss in the middle of the nonsense of this anime.

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2. It’s OK to come out your shell every now and then

shinichi sakurai uzaki chan

Sakurai Shinichi, the MC of this anime, is an introvert. A classic introvert.

Loves his own space, doing his own thing, and doesn’t like being disturbed unnecessarily. Especially not out of the blue and spontaneously.

He has no problem socializing when he’s ready.

In the beginning he’s in his shell, and through the annoyance and pestering of Uzaki Chan, he comes out of it a bit.

He starts to open up his heart, even if not a whole lot. But doing so helps him grow as a person to a degree.

It also helps Sakurai get into activities he usually would avoid. The types of things that involve other people (going to the cinema, etc).

uzaki hana and sakurai e1605731730310

And eventually that leads him to play video games with Hana Uzaki, as opposed to playing video games by himself.

He’s happy doing it, too. And never really was opposed to it in the first place. Just stuck in his routine.

Coming out of your shell doesn’t hurt. In fact – it’s what’s needed to grow and experience new things in life.

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3. People can be indirect, so pay close attention

hana uzaki cute

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out is obviously about romance to a certain degree. Hana Uzaki likes Sakurai, and that’s the theme the anime follows.

The thing about it is, Hana Uzaki is indirect with her feelings towards Sakurai. She hesitates.

She’s subtle about it, but never so blatant that even an idiot would get it.

Sakurai doesn’t seem to get it, more so in the beginning as he’s distant.

Same thing happens in life all the time, not just with women or men who like you, but with friends or family who wanna reach out but are hesitant.

It can be for different reasons, sometimes dark, deeper reasons. Life or death.

Keep your mind open and pay attention. It’ll be for the best.


4. Set boundaries, or people will cross the line

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out is all about Hana Uzaki. A girl who comes across as annoying, irritating, an absolute pest and a nuisance.

In fact Sakurai says it himself within the first episode of the series.

sakurai shinichi uzaki chan

That’s part of what makes the anime what it is, but there’s a hidden life lesson here. The opposite of what the anime is trying to say.

If you have no boundaries, people will cross the line.

If you don’t tell people what you’re willing to tolerate, or how much you wanna “hang out”, they’ll bombard you until you do.

It’s called respect. And you have to communicate that, however you feel is best to get the point across.

It’ll end up worsening your relationship if you don’t.


5. The differences between Introverts and extroverts

uzaki hana and ami asai

This is a little on the extreme side, considering the kind of anime it is and how it portrays itself.

But…. There’s a clear life lesson when it comes to extroverts, introverts, and how both differ from each other.

Uzaki Hana wants to hang out, a LOT. And as an extrovert she loves being in the company of other people.

Being around others gives extroverts energy, and they can be the life of the “party” so to speak.

shinichi sakurai smile tea

Introverts on the other hand get energy from being by themselves. And enjoy their own company more than being around dozens of people all the time.

It’s because of this that the boundaries extroverts and introverts have are different by design.

If an introvert or extrovert can’t communicate those differences and set boundaries, it’s like mixing water with electricity.

It’s something to keep in mind when dealing with friends, fam, or whoever if they’re either extroverts or introverts. Even if they don’t define it in a literal sense.


What life lessons has Uzaki Chan taught you? 😉



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