Kyoto Animation July 18th Memorial “Gathering” Cancelled Because Of #Coronavirus

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Kyoto Animation planned a memorial gathering with friends and people for July 18th 2020. For their 1st studio.

This is because July 18th is the anniversary date for the kyoto animation fire in 2019. A fire that killed dozens of people and injured even more.

This was caused by a man who claimed Kyoani stole his work.

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As Kyoani has tweeted, and more so on their website, the memorial gathering is cancelled for July 18th 2020.

Instead they will stream the event for the world to see, but people are NOT allowed to gather at the memorial.

So you can expect to see it streamed by Kyoani later today, depending on where you are in the world.

2:15AM for those in the UK.

This will be on YouTube in Japanese only.


News source: Kyoto Animation.



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