Kyoto Animation Arsonist Will Face Criminal Charges In June 2020

asuza k on shrine kyoani

Kyoto Animation’s fire in July 2019 was the tragic anime event of the last decade.

A man who claimed Kyoto Animation “stole” his novels went as far as setting fire to one of Kyoani’s buildings. Killing 36 people and injuring many others.

It’s one of the rarest incidents to happen in Japan in so many decades.

Shinji Aoba, 42 years old admitted to setting fire to Kyoani’s building with intent to kill.

The #coronavirus pandemic somewhat delayed Aoba’s arrest, but now Kyoto Animation’s confirmed his arrest.

In the next few weeks (June 2020) Shinji Aoba will face criminal charges. And from there the case will continue until he’s sentenced to jail.

Shinji’s arrest was also delayed as they let him deal his burns from the incident until he’s fit to be arrested and charged.

Here’s a tribute to Kyoto Animation to pay respects: I Love Kyoto Animation (Tribute From A Loyal Anime Fan)


News source: Kyoto Animation (official website)



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