3 Kotomi Ichinose Quotes From Clannad That Are Thought Provoking

Kotomi Ichinose clannad

Kotomi Ichinose is the smart girl from Clannad.

She loves to study, always has her head in the books, and is committed to learning as much as possible.

She’s probably one of the quietest characters in the Anime, but one of the brightest and interesting.

A personal favorite of mine!

Here are 3 Kotomi Ichinose Quotes From Clannad.


Kotomi Ichinose Quotes #1

3 Kotomi Ichinose Quotes From Clannad

“I must study lots of things or I won’t become a great person.” – Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi shows that studying is something to be taken seriously.

And she has a lot of knowledge about all sorts of different subjects. Which is a great quality of Kotomi’s.

Kotomi Ichinose Quote #2

3 Kotomi Ichinose Quotes From Clannad

“The world is beautiful, even when it’s filled with sadness and tears.” – Kotomi Ichinose

There’s always bad in the world, but there’s also good.

And it’s about balancing the two, and being grateful for the good things in life.


Kotomi Ichinose Quote #3

Kotomi Ichinose Quotes Clannad

“Those who seek out the truth must not be arrogant. You must not laugh at miracles just because they cannot be explained scientifically. You must not turn away from the beauty of this world.” – Kotomi Ichinose


Don’t take anything for granted, and keep an open mind.

Some things can’t be explained easily, or maybe not at all. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in appreciating it.

Go ahead and share your favorite Kotomi Ichinose quotes.

Or any recommendations you have for other quotes from Clannad.


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