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10 Kotobukiya Anime Figures That Will Impress You

Kotobukiya anime figures

Kotobukiya started out way back in 1947 as a toy store.

And didn’t start manufacturing original products until 1983.

Fast forward to today and they’re now making tons of figurines for the anime industry.

And they’re one of the best alongside companies like Good Smile, Max Factory and Megahouse.

If you want the latest Kotobukiya figures, here’s 10 we recommend at Anime Motivation.

And for the full-range of Kotobukiya figures, scroll down to the end of this post!


Kotobukiya Anime Action Figures:


1. Akemi Homura School Uniform Cu Poche Figure

Kotobukiya anime figures

Homura Akemi Cu Poche Action Figure for Sale


Homura Akemi from the famous magical girl anime series. Known as: Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

This little cute action figure features Homura Akemi’s original school bag from her past life.

As well as her original school glasses, warm facial expression and happy vibes.

You’ll also get face plates and more cool accessories in Homura’s package.


2. Cu Poche Action Figure Ram ReZero

Kotobukiya anime figures

ReZero Ram Cu Poche Figure for Sale


Next up we have Ram from 2016’s #1 top rated anime: ReZero!

The older sister of Rem is on cleaning duty with her special mop and maid outfit.

Plus some cute, adorable facial expressions and action poses o help you connect with Ram.


3. Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler Action Figure

Kotobukiya anime figures

Ciel Phantomhive Action Figure for Sale


3rd we have Ciel Phantomhive from the anime series: Black Butler.

Ciels famous golden staff and eye patch are in pristine condition. Plus you’l be able to customize his look with face plates and memorable poses from the anime series.


4. Rei Ayanami Action Figure Evangelion 2.0

Kotobukiya anime figures

Rei Ayanami Evangelion Figure for Sale


4th action figure by Kotobukiya is none other than Rei Ayanami. A loved character from old school series: Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Rei’s blank, “head in the sky” facial expressions are captured nicely. Plus some smiling facial expression face plates and her black school bag are tagging along with this figurine.


5. Hestia DanMachi Cu Poche Action Figure

Kotobukiya anime figures

Hestia Nendoroid Cu Poche Figure for Sale


5th Kotobukiya anime figure is of Hestia from the magic anime: DanMachi.

You’ll get the busty Hestia with her cheerful, smiling facial expressions and charming poses. Just like you know and love from the anime series!


Kotobukiya PVC Statues:


6. Lelouch Lamperouge Code Black Encore Statue

Kotobukiya anime figures

Lelouch Lamperouge Code Black Figure for Sale


Lelouch Lamperouge. One of the greatest anime strategist in anime history. From the famous series: Code Geass!

Lelouch features his Code Black costume, garments and military hat.

And a cold facial expression to match Lelouch’s personality.


7. Atem Yugioh ARTFX J PVC Statue

Kotobukiya anime figures

Yugioh Atem ARTFX J Statue for Sale


7th comes Yugi from the world-famous card anime series: Yugioh!

Yugi stands tall in this Atem version of many of his figurines.

With golden garments wrapped around his legs, arms, and waste.

And a well crafted design of Yugi from the bottom-up.


8. Yuri On Ice Viktor Nikiforov ARTFX J Statue

Kotobukiya anime figures

Viktor Nikiforov ARTFX J Statue for Sale


Viktor Nikiforov, one of the stars of 2016’s top rated anime: Yuri On Ice!

Viktor and his dog have come along for the ride in Kotobukiya’s latest figure development.

And Viktor comes with both his black coat and shirt. Plus classy pants and shoes fans will love.


9. Sagiri Izumi Eromanga Sensei Statue

Kotobukiya anime figures

Sagiri Izumi Eromanga Sensei Figure for Sale


Sagiri Izumi, the new Kawaii kid on the block from anime series: Eromanga Sensei.

This Statue by Kotobukiya comes with a cute display base with bright colors and a plush heart cushion.

Not to mention Sagiri’s shy demeanor perfectly designed from the anime itself.


10. Persona 5 Hero PVC Statue

Kotobukiya anime figures

Persona 5 ARTFX J Statue for Sale


10th on this list is Hero from the Persona 5 anime series, based on the original video games.

Hero is seen in action on the run while looking sideways. Wearing his original black jacket and red gloves.

Treasure this item and add it to your Persona 5 figurine collection!


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