10 Reasons Why Koro Sensei Is The Best School Teacher You Never Had

Koro Sensei school teacher
Written by Theo J Ellis

School Teachers are boring.

If you were like me (or most of our society) your school teacher was too serious. A little too upright. And had about as much personality as android 16 when he’s first introduced.

If you’re not a fan of DBZ – that’s about as much of a personality as a paper bag.

Obviously I’m joking when I say “school teachers are boring” because not all of them are.

But it still has to be said.

Koro Sensei on the other hand has so many likable qualities that he’d make a solid teacher. If he was real.

And in fact – modern day school teachers could learn a lot from Koro Sensei’s teaching methods.

The education system as a whole could learn a thing or two, actually.

You know this is true if you’ve watched the Anime series – Assassination Classroom.

Here’s why.


1. He’s passionate about his job

10 Reasons Why Koro Sensei Is The Best School Teacher You Never Had

When you watch Assassination Classroom you can’t help but notice how excited Koro Sensei is.

And how energetic he is towards not just 1 one of his students, but ALL of his students.

He absolutely loves his job, his work, and being a school teacher. Even when things get tough.

And when things go wrong, he’s still passionate about his work and that passion shines through.

It’s hard to find a modern day teacher like that these days.


2. He’s full of wisdom

“The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.” – Koro Sensei

Age doesn’t matter as a teacher. Not that much. At least that’s my belief.

What matters most is how wise a teacher is about the things they’re teaching to their students.

Koro Sensei is not just wise about what he teaches, he’s had plenty of life experiences.

He throws in his life experiences and blends it into what he teaches. And that’s what makes his students (Karma Akabane, Nagisa Shiota, etc) hang on to his every word.

Knowing that the advice Koro Sensei gives them will benefit them if they listen and take it in.

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3. Koro Sensei speaks the truth, even if it hurts

10 Reasons Why Koro Sensei Is The Best School Teacher You Never Had

How many people do you know who are willing to speak the truth?

The truth is – there aren’t many people who will tell you what you need to hear. Even if it will help you.

Most people believe they’re doing you a favour by protecting you from the facts…. When in reality they’re doing more harm than good.

Koro Sensei is different.

If you failed your test or exams, he’s the type to confront you and speak the truth. He’ll tell you why you failed, how you failed, and even what you can do about it.

No matter how painful it is, he’ll tell you. Even if it’s a little harsh or uncomfortable.

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4. He listens to his students

10 Reasons Why Koro Sensei Is The Best School Teacher You Never Had

A lot of people love to talk. I think we all do. We’ve all got something to say. But with Koro Sensei – he doesn’t just talk, he listens and pays close attention.

By listening to his students he’s able to figure out what’s troubling them. And figure out a solution to help his students fix their problems or improve their situation.

Whether it’s their grades, test scores or life issues that are interfering with education.

And that’s why Koro Sensei is so wise and loved. Because he listens (which few people do).


5. Koro Sensei has a sense of humour

10 Reasons Why Koro Sensei Is The Best School Teacher You Never Had

There’s nothing worse than having a teacher who’s lifeless, right?

That doesn’t mean you’re lifeless if you’re not funny. But by not taking things too seriously all the time, you make it easier for people to warm to you.

Koro Sensei’s personality is just like that. And best of all – Koro Sensei doesn’t hesitate to share this thoughts.

No matter how silly it sounds or how silly he looks. He has a great sense of humour and can even be sarcastic.

And that’s why his students love him because he’s comfortable to be around.

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6. He treats everyone as equals

Ever noticed how some authority figures will look down on you?

Or treat you as if they’re better than you are for one reason or another? Or even how some teachers will treat one student better than another student?

Koro Sensei doesn’t have an arrogant or ignorant cell in his body.

If one student is doing better than everybody else, he won’t treat that student any better than the others.

And if Koro Sensei is better than you at a particular skill, he won’t treat you as if you’re below him.

Koro Sensei believes in equality, and he goes out of his way to make sure everyone is getting the same treatment and attention.


7. Koro Sensei teaches you based on your strengths and abilities

Everyone learns at their own pace, right? And we all have our skills, strengths and weaknesses. Instead of trying to teach everybody at the same pace.

Or force everyone who’s lagging behind to play catch up…

Koro Sensei will look at each student as an individual. And will give advice and teach you based on your personal skill level.

This way what he teaches is tailored to each person. Which helps you learn 10X faster and better.

In modern day society – teachers expect everybody to be the same and work in the same way.

But in reality that’s not how it works because we’re all too different.


8. He knows how to have fun and keep things interesting

10 Reasons Why Koro Sensei Is The Best School Teacher You Never Had

It’s not all about work.

There’s more to it then sticking your head in a text book and expecting to learn everything all at once.

Koro Sensei knows that. And when it’s time for a break or a school trip, Koro Sensei knows how to make it fun.

And he knows how to make it so interesting that you’d be foolish not to take up the offer.

He understands that fun has to be a part of learning too. Because that makes the hard work more than worth it.


9. He knows he’s not perfect, and doesn’t try to be

No matter how good of a person you are. And no matter how skilled you are at what you do, nobody is perfect.

When you try to act like you’re more perfect than you are, it always backfires. And people notice. And it’s about as attractive as the first 10 minutes of Elfen Lied episode 1.

We all have flaws, and there’s nothing wrong with showing them or admitting to them.


10. Koro Sensei works to make his students better than he is

10 Reasons Why Koro Sensei Is The Best School Teacher You Never Had

They say a good teacher wants their students to outgrow them some day. And this is the case with Koro Sensei.

He works so hard to make sure his students (Okuda, Rio Nakamura, etc) are improving academically.

And not just with education, he wants his students to grow as people. And become wiser and stronger.

He’s not afraid of the thought that they could even become better than Koro Sensei himself.

Only the best teachers are willing to go that far for their students!

What has Koro Sensei taught you?



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Number 7 was dumb. “In modern day society – teachers expect everybody to be the same and work in the same way. But in reality that’s not how it works because we’re all too different.” In reality a single teacher cannot teach an individualized lesson for each of their 18-24 students. In reality it is up to the student to figure out a way to learn the material on their own. But in reality every student believes they should be spoon fed information without putting any effort. Think of Naruto when Jiraya was training him to learn the razengan. Jiraya… Read more »

ThePotato Chip
ThePotato Chip
Reply to  Nunya

No one asked for you to say rude things about someone who’s trying to give YOU good advice about life and stuff and maybe if you didnt watch assassination classroom or if you did you would understand how touching just reading this might have been for some people who really miss Koro-Sensei

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