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The Best KissAnime Alternatives For international Fans With Restrictions

This isn’t a popular thing to do but it has to be done. The anime community and the industry at large is a little stuck.

On one hand you have:

  • Legal anime streaming services like Crunchyroll.
  • And anime fans in the west (mainly USA).

And then you have anime fans in the UK, India, Philippines, and so on with a limited selection of anime.

In these countries (Indonesia included) the legal sites don’t have a massive selection of anime to choose from.

It’s more accurate to say they don’t have ALL the anime that are on offer in let’s say, the US or Japan.

Crunchyroll has 1000+ anime in the USA, but that’s not true in most other countries around the world.

So…. What’s an anime fan to do?

That’s where anime piracy comes into the picture, and solves part of the problem. Just not in a way that’s conflicting which doesn’t sit right with the anime police.

That said, it’s a necessity. Anime wouldn’t be here without it, and neither would its massive internet (and global) fanbase.

I won’t just be recommending pirate sites though.


KissAnime Alternatives

kissanime logo red hair girl 1 |

KissAnime has been shutdown since August 2020 after being the biggest pirate anime site for years, and a dark horse in the industry.

Many sites exist today in spite of it. And even FREE ones on YouTube these days.

Let’s talk about the best ones you can use. More so if you’re restricted in the country you’re living in.


1. 9Anime

9anime logo |

9Anime has grown massively since KissAnime was shutdown. I know this because I wrote an article about it with statistics.

They and even legal sites have benefited from KissAnime’s controversy and shutdown.

9Anime has everything KissAnime did, it just looks different and is run by someone else all together.

Like all pirates sites, your main risk is the malware ads, and the overall dodgy ads they’re filled to the brim with.

It’s a sacrifice many are willing to go to when the anime they wanna support isn’t available in their country.

9anime similarweb stats october 2021 |

It’s grown equal in size to KissAnime, which shows you just how BAD the anime industry’s service is.

Piracy is a service problem after all.


2. Muse Asia

muse asia logo anime |

Muse Asia started in Singapore in 2019. They’ve grown to a YouTube channel with over 4M subscribers. That’s a LOT in a short space of time.

The pandemic probably played a role with it a year later.

There’s a growing trend of a few channels who are able to stream FREE anime on YouTube as a result of partnerships. And best of all? It’s legal.

Muse Asia is only available to some users in parts of ASIA, not outside of it. Unless you use a VPN that is.

Either way, if you’re outside of Japan this is a solid way to watch free anime, legally, though you’re bound to be limited at some point.

They upload a lot of shows consistently with that being said.

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3. AnimeLog

anilog logo |

AnimeLog was started by around 30 anime companies, one of them being TOEI Animation. A massive anime company to say the least.

They’re the ones behind IP’S like Dragon Ball Z.

After starting in June 2020 during the pandemic, AnimeLog has gained over 300K subscribers and regularly uploads FREE anime content to its channel.

YouTube video

Unlike Muse Asia, this content is available to fans worldwide. Though I’m not sure if there are countries that are excluded, depending.

It’s a good option to watch as much anime as you can without going to pirate sites, but unsurprisingly not all anime can be watched here.

This is the limitation of uploading free content to YouTube, an American owned platform. It doesn’t solve Anime (and Japan’s) issue with piracy completely.


4. Gogoanime

gogoanime pirate |

GoGoAnime is the other site that was also around when KissAnime was. It also benefited when KissAnime was shutdown in 2020.

No different to KissAnime or even 9Anime, Gogoanime just looks and works slightly different.

The principles are the same, as is the amount of anime content, shows, movies, and whatever else some fans can’t watch elsewhere.

And that’s where it all comes to an end

The anime industry has a major problem: Access.

Anime licenses are strict, and this creates a disparity which looks different depending on the countries.

Because of this – piracy, whether an anime fan wants to or not, will always become a viable option.

This is changing, but this is the best you’ve got until those changes come to fruition. Especially if you’re outside of the USA!

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