6 Of The Most Meaningful Life Lessons You Can Learn From Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill takes a cliché genre (Ecchi), and turns it into a meaningful series with well-written protagonists to keep you interested.

And enough action to impress fans of Shounen or supernatural anime shows.

To top it off – there’s a lot you can learn from a series like Kill La Kill. Despite the intentional fan service and erotic outfits.

Let’s talk about that.


Life Lessons You Can Learn From Kill La Kill:


1. If you don’t give it 100% you’ll regret it

“If you don’t try to win with everything you’ve got, it’ll come back to bite you.” – Ryuko Matoi

If there’s one thing you can learn from the main characters in Kill la Kill – it’s that giving it your all is everything. You can’t guarantee success otherwise.

Satsuki Kiryuin is proof of this in the series.

She never holds back, and is a leading example of what it means to have 100% faith in what you’re doing.


There’s always the tendency to “half-ass” your efforts when pursuing something you want

Why? Because of fear. We tell ourselves:

  • “What if things go wrong?”
  • Or “what if I’m not good enough”
  • Or even “what’s the point if it’s not guaranteed?”

But the opposite is also true: what if you succeed and everything turns out perfect?

Fear makes you hold back, half-ass your efforts and give it LESS than 100%. And that attitude always leaves a sour taste of regret in your mouth.

Kill La Kill shows you why you’ve always got to give it your all, your 100%.

Or else success will never become a reality, because you’ve shot yourself in the foot by deciding NOT to give it your best effort.


2. You need a purpose in life to push you forward

Ryuko Matoi is a dangerous woman on a mission. She has 1 goal: to find out who killed her father, and take revenge.

It’s not the most righteous purpose to have, but it’s a purpose either way.

And it’s the one thing that drives Ryuko Matoi to rise up the ranks in Honnouji Academy. And become stronger on her dark journey to discover the truth about her fathers murderer.


Life is the same way

It doesn’t have to be that dark when it comes to having a purpose in life.

Your purpose could be wealth, so you can do whatever you want and live in a way that suits your ideals.

Or your purpose could be helping the homeless so they don’t go hungry and die from disease.

Whatever it is – everyone needs something to drive them forward.

Without drive, you won’t be motivated to do anything. Then boredom will takeover and eventually you’ll feel empty.

And life will start to lose its “spark” that keeps things interesting.

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3. Sometimes your enemies are secretly your friends

Throughout the majority of Kill La Kill, Ryuko Matoi challenges every member of Honnouji Academy.

In fact you could go as far as saying they’re enemies. Because the plot never denies this fact.

But later – you find out these so-called “enemies” are secretly friends who are on a similar mission to Ryuko Matoi.


Life is the same way

Sometimes there are people who give you “tough love” and act like they don’t care.

It’s hard to understand sometimes because even though it seems as if they’re cold and uncaring, there’s a deeper reason as to why they’re acting a certain way.

For your own benefit.

It’s annoying when people act like that, but then again – some people are weird. And they have a weird way of “pushing” you in the right direction.


4. Not even money is enough to change some people

I have a saying – money is a lie detector. Because I’ve come to learn that “money” is the best way to find out who a person really is.

And Kill La Kill seems to agree with me.

Mako, one of the side characters who supports Ryuko Matoi… ends up with tons of money and power.

But it comes at a cost.

After being given “Goku Uniform” to make her stronger, she has to defeat Ryuko Matoi, her own friend in exchange for money.

But in the end – she can’t do it. And she abandons all the money to stick by Ryuko’s side, after crying her eyes out for doing something so shameful.

6 Of The Most Meaningful Life Lessons You Can Learn From Kill La Kill


Money exposes who you really are

The more money you have, the more you’ll reveal yourself to others. For better or for worse.

But only a weak person is changed by money.

If you’re secure in yourself, no amount of money will change you. Or force you to do something that goes against your own beliefs.


5. The law is made for the law makers, not the law breakers

This is another saying I like to say – the law is made for the law makers, NOT the law breakers.

This is a universal truth you can either accept or reject, but it doesn’t change the facts.


Kill La Kill is a brutal reminder of this truth

Everyone bowing to Satsuki Kiryuin.

Honnouji Academy is the best example of this.

The students bend over backwards to follow the rules. And yet the same people enforcing those rules can break the rules they’re dishing out.

It’s bullsh**, hypocritical and even arrogant. But that’s the way the law works.

Believing the law is made for your benefit is like believing everyone wants you to be rich and happy.

If only that were true.

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6. Society is built to work against you, but that shouldn’t stop you

The Kill La Kill universe is ruthless, degrading and so harsh most people are too scared to fight back.

That’s literally how bad the system is, and the law that works within it.

But that doesn’t stop an OG like Ryuko Matoi from rising up the ranks, and doing whatever it takes to crush every obstacle that’s thrown in her face.


Life is the same way

The world and the system within it tells you to “get an education, get a job, work, pay the bills” and nothing more.

You’re also never taught how to earn, manage, keep or use money. Financial education doesn’t exist.

This isn’t the place to get too deep into it, but the point is: Kill La Kill highlights these truths in its own way.

But instead of letting it stop you, use it as fuel to be a leading example of what’s possible if you make an effort.


A quick breakdown of Kill La Kill’s life lessons:

  • If you don’t give it 100% you’ll regret it
  • You need a purpose in life to push you forward
  • Sometimes your enemies are secretly your friends
  • Not even money is enough to change some people
  • The law is made for the law makers, not the law breakers
  • Society is built to work against you, but that shouldn’t stop you

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