Karmachakra, India’s FIRST Anime Movie Is Close To Being Released

karmachakra indian anime anime girl

India’s first anime: Karmachakra is almost here.

It’s an anime movie being developed by a studio called Studio Durga. 

The studio is based in Dheli.


Karmachakra 2019 trailer

The anime movie started in 2017. Back then it was an amateur production made with little resources. And was brought to Delhi Comic Con in 2017.

Since then the creators staff and team have been working to bring it to fruition.

The anime is about an orphan girl trying to find her roots, revolving around mysteries about her past and present.


Pilot episode released Feb 2020:

In February 2020 a pilot episode was released. It’s 25 minutes long.

The episode showcases some of the elements, styles, design and plot you can expect to see.

The actual anime movie will be much longer when it fully drops.


July 4th announcement 2020 karmachakra:

On July 4th 2020, not too long ago, an announcement was made by one of the key people behind Studio Durga.

They’re asking for you to vote for the anime via a YouTube link. This will help get them to the FINAL stages of the anime movie.

It’s bound to be released in theatres by around September/October 2020 if things stay on schedule.

Studio Durga is in talks with digital services to get it streamed online by or before that date.

News source: Studio Durga.


What are your thoughts?


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Shalini Nair
Shalini Nair

I’ve seen the trailer and I liked the plot and it’s theme very much!! A great moment for Indian anime enthusiasts!!! Also happy that a site like Anime motivation covered it!

Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

Really looking forward to this! I have an otaku friend in India who tells me that anime & manga are really unaccepted by the country at large. Maybe making their own anime movie will go a long ways to making it more acceptable AND accessible.

Chetan Kale
Chetan Kale

This is awesome news. And the fact that Anime Motivation covered it makes it more great. Eagerly waiting for Karmachakra.