2 Kagura Mikazuchi Quotes That Prove She’s A Warrior

Kagura Mikazuchi

Kagura Mikazuchi, the leader of Mermaid Heel and younger sister of Simon.

She’s easily one of Fairy Tail’s strongest characters regardless of which guild members. And is one of the most focused warriors out of the entire Fairy Tail series.

What I like about Kagura is her warrior spirit. She doesn’t make excuses, she does whatever it takes, and her loyalty to what she believes in is inspirational.

Kagura’s the last person who will do something she doesn’t believe in, as her standards are set high.


Here are 2 Kagura Mikazuchi Quotes For Fairy Tail Fans!


Kagura Mikazuchi Quotes #1 

Kagura Mikazuchi Quotes

“I haven’t relied on luck since the moment I was born. Everything has been the result of my choices.” – Kagura Mikazuchi

It’s easy to blame people or circumstances when things don’t go well. And it’s easy to claim other people are luckier than you are, and have better advantages.

Whether that’s true or untrue isn’t important. What’s important is realizing life is a result of your choices. And being able to admit it. As well as taking responsibility.

Kagura makes this point perfectly!


Kagura Mikazuchi Quotes #2

Kagura Mikazuchi Quotes

“Sometimes, mermaids can devour tigers.” – Kagura Mikazuchi

It’s not what you are that counts. No, it’s who you are. That’s what makes the difference.

If you have courage, determination and confidence, you can conquer challenges that are even bigger than you. Even if it seems impossible, or has been impossible for others.

That’s the takeaway from Kagura’s quote!


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