Kadokawa To Form Alliance With Cyberagent + Sony To Strengthen Anime Business

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Sony’s been quiet lately about their anime acquisition, and what their plans are.

Even Crunchyroll and Funimation have been quiet about it (they haven’t shared anything as a partner of A.M).

That said, they’re clearly making movies behind closed doors.

Kadokawa recently announced their joint alliance with:

  • Cyberagent.
  • Sony.

With the intent to improve, strengthen, and grow the anime industry. And the business in general.


Kadokawa Tweet

kadokawa sony cyberagent anime tweet

“Kadokawa to form capital alliance with CyberAgent as well as Sony to strengthen games and anime business. Eyeing joint efforts to create & grow IPs globally. Slide below from Kadokawa’s earnings report.”

We’re still only in Februaru 2021, so there’s no telling how this will play out (good or bad).

But since the move will also affect games, that may include games that are adapted from anime series.

Either way, Sony is obviously taking anime seriously.

Whether they actually follow through and refuse to let the power go to their head is another story.

Let’s see what happens.


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