5 Simple Life Lessons You Can Learn From K-On!

K-On is the anime that gave birth to what we know as “Moe” in 2019. Not to mention cute and Kawaii anime drawings.

And even though K-On is a simplistic anime series with very little depth to its story, there are life lessons swimming throughout the series worth sharing.

The types of life lessons we tend to forget because we get caught up in life’s “seriousness” most of the time.

Here they are.


The Best Life Lessons From K-On:


1. Life is about having fun

Life is a lot of things.

  • Stressful.
  • Serious.
  • Problematic.
  • Intense.
  • Hard work.

But that mostly depends on your perspective and how you see the world.

Let’s take a character like Yui Hirasawa from K-On as an example.

She’s clumsy, has insecurities, fears, and worries just like any other character from K-On. And yet – everyday without fail she has fun, lives life to the fullest and stays positive.

It’s just in her nature to live like that.

That’s why the other characters are always at ease around her, or why Yui Hirasawa always lights up the moods of anyone she hangs out with.

It’s easy to forget that – life should be fun too. it can’t all be serious.

And there’s always a way to put the “fun” into whatever it is you’re doing.

Or at least change the way you see it so it’s “more fun” than it would be.

2. Do the things that scare you

Mio Akiyama is an introvert like myself. She’s terrified of being on stage, or dealing with massive crowds of people.

She just can’t handle it.

But with the encouragement of her friends who eventually make music together, she pulls it off. And manages to sing on stage while getting lost in her performance.


Yui Hirasawa is the same too

She’s the kind of person who jumps in head first, and figures it out along the way.

If you don’t do the things that scare you, you’ll never grow into the person you want to be.


3. You should always be yourself

One thing I love about Yui Hirasawa, Tsumugi Kotobuki and Ritsu Tainaka – they’re always themselves. No matter what the circumstances are, or how uncomfortable a situation makes them feel.

In fact – all 3 of these characters help others like Mio Akiyama break of their shells and express themselves.

5 Simple Life Lessons You Can Learn From K-On!

You can’t spend all your time caring about what people think

The fact is – people will ALWAYS judge, criticize, and try telling you how you SHOULD behave. According to their beliefs.

But that’s no way to live your life.

How can you expect happiness if all you ever do is live up to other people’s expectations?

What about you and the things you want out of life? You’ll only get it if you’re true to yourself instead of “watering” yourself down to make someone else happy.

4. Take advantage of every moment as much as you can

Yui Hirasawa – she’s the kind of girl who takes advantage of every moment to live life to the fullest.

5 Simple Life Lessons You Can Learn From K-On!

She’s never ungrateful, even if the situation turns sour. And she doesn’t waste her energy debating whether she should or shouldn’t do the things she wants.

Even if she’s scolded for it.

Instead – she takes action and gets it over with. Moment to moment. Day to day.

The only thing that matters is today

Tomorrow might come. Next week might too. But the best guarantee you have to do whatever it is you’re dying to do…. is right now.

Don’t waste time worrying about next week when you’ve still got today to get things done.

5. When it’s time to work, work. When it’s time to play, play

In K-On – the main characters form a group called “after school tea time”.

Here’s how it works:

  • After school – all the main characters chill together, and literally drink tea and eat biscuits.
  • They’ll also eat desserts, usually made by Tsumugi Kotobuki.
  • They’ll chill, chat, have fun and talk about life in general.
  • Then at some point – they’ll start working on music together.

When it’s time to have fun, relax and chill, that’s exactly what the main characters do. They squeeze the juice out of the lemon until there’s nothing left when it’s play-time.

And when they’re working on music together? That’s all they’re focused on. Working, improving their skills and creating songs together.


Life is the same way

When it’s time to work – put all your energy into WORK. Otherwise you’re not really working.

You’re just distracted.

And when it’s time to play and have fun – go all in and don’t hold back. Otherwise you’re not really having fun. Which is a half-assed way to live your life.

Not even the main anime characters in K-On are perfect when it comes to this…

But the goal isn’t perfection, the goal is discipline. And that’s the point!

A quick breakdown of K-On’s life lessons:

  • Life is about having fun.
  • Do the things that scare you.
  • You should always be yourself.
  • Take advantage of every moment as much as you can.
  • When it’s time to work, work. When it’s time to play, play.

If you’ve watched K-On, what else can you add?

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Featured image Source: K-On Anime Wallpaper


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