25 Year Old Woman Threatened To Set WIT STUDIOS On Fire, Has Been Charged

japanese woman threatened arson wit studios

I said this back when the Kyoto Animation fire went down in July 2020. This could create a chain of events where other people attempt to do the same thing.

That is basically happening now, but just not on a mass scale.

A Japanese woman, 25 years old, sent an email to Wit Studio’s threatening arson.

Wit Studio’s then immediately beefed up security and prepared for the worst.


Arrested in Osaki City

metropolitan police japan

“According to the announcement, on the 7th, the woman sent an e-mail to “Wit Studio” (Musashino City, Tokyo), which produces animations for the popular manga “Attack On Titan”, saying “I will set fire to the head office in a week” and warn the company. Suspected of obstructing business such as strengthening. I admit the charges. The office believes the woman has a mental illness.”


Makes you wonder why, but it’s unlikely an event to that extreme could or will happen again.

30+ deaths were recorded in the last arson against Kyoto Animation, which was devastating.

Seems like an underbelly is potentially brewing.

Source: Yomiuri



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Kyoto Animation Arsonist Will Face Criminal Charges In June 2020

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