Japanese Anime Studio “Disappears” With Unpaid Artists Money

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Picture this scenario.

You’re a freelance artist in the anime industry.

You work for an anime studio named “Tear Studio”, responsible for anime like The Royal Tutor and Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher?

For the time you’ve worked with this studio, you’ve had problems with payments and getting paid on time.

Then all of a sudden? They disappear from the internet.

  • Their website no longer works.
  • Their Twitter is deleted.

And now you’re stuck wonder what the F is even going on. Or whether this is some kind of sick joke.


This happened to Japanese anime freelancers and artists

The tweet reads:

“I never thought that a company producing theatrical anime would not only not pay the workers, but also erase all trace of itself from Twitter and disappear. I’ve had some serious trouble foisted on me now.”

tear studio twitter

Tear Studio started in 2013, and as of today (December 9th 2019) it seems to have gone under.

tear studio reddit

In a now deleted Tweet, it seems the director disappeared without a trace along with Tear Studios company.

And artists/staff haven’t been paid for months at this point.


Other artists who complained on Twitter


  • This is terrible! You’ve got to take them to court.
  • Geez, so many poor people are going to be affected by what the company did!
  • It’s like something out of a suspense movie.
  • It’s amazing that they could be so terrible.

These are a few tweets taken from different artists who’ve yet to get their money.

One thing is clear though: Tear Studios presence has been ERASED from the internet.

The only visible thing left is their website, which seems to be back online? (as of now).

tear studio site

What happens next is anyone’s guess.

But now is the time to use the site if it’s still live on your end.


News source: Esuteru



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