Japan To Launch International Anti Piracy Organization In April To SHUTDOWN Anime Piracy

Japan To Launch International Anti Piracy Organization In April To SHUTDOWN Anime Piracy 2
Written by Theo J Ellis

I’ve always said that before Japan can do anything about piracy worldwide, they’d need support from multiple countries to do it.

They’d also need those countries to be on board with their plans, or to set up some sort of branches to bring it to fruition.

Now that’s become a reality but only in a small sense.

Japan is setting up the IAPO (international anti piracy organization) which will go live in April 2022.

The target is anime piracy.


10 countries are on board with fighting anime and manga piracy

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“April will see the launch of the International Anti-Piracy Organization (IAPO), through which members will share information they have collected about the illegal distribution of content. The group will assist criminal investigations relating to piracy.

IAPO will be overseen by Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), whose 32 member companies include major animation studios and producers such as Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation, Aniplex, Sunrise, and Kadokawa.”

It continues:

“The organization will include the Motion Picture Association of the U.S., which comprises the Hollywood majors and Netflix. The Copyright Society of China and Korea Copyright Protection Agency will also join, as will equivalent bodies from Vietnam and other Asian nations.”

Let’s break it down:

  • The international anti anime piracy organization (IAPO) will launch in April 2022.
  • They will target illegal distribution of content and assist in criminal investigations.
  • IAPO will be overseen by the likes of Toei Animation, Sunrise, Kadokawa, and other BIG names.
  • There are 32 members in total overseeing this organization and its goals.
  • Countries such as the USA, China, South Korea, and others will join.
  • Netflix and Hollywood are also taking part in this mission to combat anime piracy.

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Will this be the end of anime piracy on a global scale this time (instead of just Japan). Or is this a pointless effort on Japan’s end?

To me the root problem is the anime industry’s shitty service, ultimately. It’s not good enough which is why piracy exists.

This is the problem that should be tackled, and this IAPO is more of a short term, basic option in the grand scheme of things.

You can read more about it here: Cartoon Brew.

Also, the OFFICIAL statement can be found here: CODA.

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