Looking For Friendship Quotes? These “Isshuukan Friends” Quotes Will Help You Relate!

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Isshuukan Friends (One Week Friends) Quotes taken from characters:

  • Yuuki Hase.
  • Shougo Kiryuu.
  • Kaori Fujimiya.
  • Shiho Fujimiya.

Ishhuukan Friends (One Week Friends) is a slice of life series about friendship. And the cold reality of how that can turn out between boys and girls.

This anime doesn’t have the longest list of quotes, but it does have quotes you can understand, relate to and take something away from.

So with that said – let’s get started.


Ishhuukan Friends Quotes You Need To See:


1. Yuuki Hase Quotes

yuuki hase quotes

“There are things I don’t want to forget… Memories of time spent with friends. Memories of time spent with her alone. Memories are important. But there’s something even more important… That’s to continue making memories.” – Yuuki Hase


2. Shougo Kiryu Quotes

shougo kiryuu quotes

“Yeah, if I saw her smiling to herself while reading this, I might think it was creepy. But there’s something wrong with people who talk trash and laugh behind another’s back, too.” – Shougo Kiryuu


Shougo Kiryuu Quotes

“You can only become friends by talking to people and finding out whether you get along.” – Shougo Kiryuu


shougo kiryuu quotes 1

“Who a person hangs out with is their choice. And I couldn’t care less about rumors. Until I tried talking to them myself, I wouldn’t know…” – Shougo Kiryuu


3. Shiho Fujimiya Quotes

shiho fujimiya quotes

“Regretting the past forever won’t solve anything.” – Shiho Fujimiya


shiho fujimiya quotes 2

“Math is like a puzzle or a game. There’s a clear answer, and you’re going on a journey to find it. But there are many ways to reach that answer. That’s why it’s so fulfilling when you find the solution. There are ways to find an answer promptly, or more freely. Even roundabout methods can bring you to a definite solution. The method may not be pretty, but when the answer you worked hard to discover is right, it makes you happy.” – Shiho Fujimiya

Featured image source: One Week Friends Wallpaper



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