A Collection Of The Best Isshin Kurosaki Quotes From #Bleach

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Isshin Kurosaki is Ichigo’s father in the BLEACH franchise. He’s sarcastic and funny as a father, and is always being foolish and overly dramatic as a parent.

Later into Bleach this shifts and you start to see the real Isshin Kurosaki when he’s not playing the role of a parent.

This and the earlier parts of Bleach brings out Isshin’s best quotes of the series, even if there aren’t too many from his role in the anime.

Let’s focus on the best lines worth mentioning in this post!

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Isshin Kurosaki Quotes

Isshin kurosaki quotes 2

“It’s not anyone’s fault that Masaki died. It’s just that… the woman I fell in love with… was a woman who could die protecting her son. And don’t forget. You are the guy… the woman I loved gave her life to protect.” – Isshin Kurosaki


Isshin Kurosaki Quotes

“When you’re in high school you should be doing things, about which you could never tell your parents!” – Isshin Kurosaki


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“Live well, Ichigo. Live well, age well, go bald well, and die after me. And… if you can, die smiling.” – Isshin Kurosaki


isshin kurosaki quotes bleach

“Do as your heart desires! Jump into your father’s bosom!” – Isshin Kurosaki


isshin kurosaki quotes bleach 1

“I didn’t hate it as much as I said. That hollow, that is. If there’s anything that I’ve truly hated for 20 years without thinking twice… it’d have to be the fact that I failed to save Masaki on that night.” – Isshin Kurosaki


isshin kurosaki quotes bleach 2

“Ah! It’s okay, Yuzu, don’t cry! Daddy will show you something really hilarious!” – Isshin Kurosaki


isshin kurosaki quotes bleach 3

“It’s one of the basics… So I will teach you. A shinigami at the rank of Captain can control the size of his zanpakuto got it? Otherwise everyone’d carry around ginormous swords… just like you. Remember this well. You can’t fathom the power of your rival simply from the size of his zanpakuto. You shouldn’t give lectures about Shinigami until you understand that.” – Isshin Kurosaki


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“Good Moooorning Ichigoooooo!” – Isshin Kurosaki

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