Ishuzoku Reviewers Translator Responds To #Funimation NDA Rumor

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Probably 5-6+ days ago I published this post:

Funimation Fired Ishuzoku Reviewers Translator, Forced To Sign NDA (Rumor)

This news piece did the rounds on Twitter, websites, and reached YouTube’s anime community.

A small sample of Tweets.

There aren’t many anime fans who don’t know about it.

nda ishuzoku reviewers funimation nda shuzoku reviewers translator

It all started in Funimation‘s forums, where people were going back and forth. Talking about Ishuzoku Reviewers cancellation.

It got to a point where someone claimed the translator was FIRED and forced to sign an NDA.

Their reasoning for not going further was “to avoid getting anyone into trouble”.


The translator responds to Anime Motivation

ishuzoku reviewers nda
ishuzoku reviewers nda
ishuzoku reviewers rumor
ishuzoku reviewers rumor

It all started here.

Then it continued with more Tweets.

A few people sent over messages about it (for clarification).

One of them said:

Howdy sorry for the DM! I saw your blog about the Interspecies Reviewer TL getting fired on discord and just thought you would like to know that she confirmed her old tweet was about something else.

It looks like she may have saw your article too or another source that had the same take given this tweet as well…

I thought her REDACTED tweet was talking about Reviewers also given the timing but it seems like it was just bad timing.”

Big shout out to the people who sent DM’S.


While the translator has “learned a lesson about being vague”, there’s another lesson for publishing news as well.

That lesson is: patience.

Even after gathering all the facts, and because it’s so common for people to create #fakenews, it’s never a perfect process.

But patience plays a good role in dealing with it.



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