Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 1 – An Ecchi Anime Like You’ve NEVER Seen

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I’m not the biggest Ecchi fan (not that I mind), but Ishuzoku Reviewers caught my interest from the beginning.

It’s an anime adaptation about Stunk (an adventurer) who travels to brothels and “reviews” his experience with every species of women he has “fun” with.

YouTube video

This is a trailer in case you want an idea of what to expect.

More than anything else – the MC loves Elf girls more than the average character in Ishuzoku Reviewers.


Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 1 (screenshots)

download 2020 01 11T161131.919 download 2020 01 11T161255.630 download 2020 01 11T161305.605 download 2020 01 11T161316.908 download 2020 01 11T161335.561 download 2020 01 11T161356.512 download 2020 01 11T161411.215 download 2020 01 11T161423.150 download 2020 01 11T161503.570 download 2020 01 11T161519.920 download 2020 01 11T161542.663

This small scene is telling you what to expect from this anime, basically. And why the girls work at brothels and how it works under the law within the anime‘s system.

Certain bits are censored as you can tell.


download 2020 01 11T161721.378 download 2020 01 11T161633.217 download 2020 01 11T161648.355 download 2020 01 11T161705.670

Stunk – one of the main characters (the adventurer) walks out of a brothel with an elf girl. And Zel, the other character goes back and forth with Stunk about it.

It’s comical in its own way, in spite of the extreme themes layered on top of it.


download 2020 01 11T162007.326 download 2020 01 11T162020.633 download 2020 01 11T162135.925 download 2020 01 11T162148.261

The argument between Stunk and Zel continues as they babble on about the qualities of an elf girl and what not.

They weren’t f*cking around when they said “this is for mature audiences” in the first screenshot.


download 2020 01 11T162559.414 download 2020 01 11T162609.998 download 2020 01 11T162633.407 download 2020 01 11T162645.019 download 2020 01 11T162725.578 download 2020 01 11T162755.196 download 2020 01 11T162901.277

At some point – Stunk and Zel end up out in the woods. And save a fallen angel who’s lost her powers (temporarily).

In exchange for being helpful, Stunk and Zel think about Heaven and what the women might be like.

I haven’t read the Manga but the author gives no F’s and I love it.

It’s daring and nothing like anything you’ll see on TV in general.


download 2020 01 11T163421.668 download 2020 01 11T163429.577

download 2020 01 11T163438.440

“I’m merely collecting information to aid me when the promised time comes.”

A bunch of adventurers are looking at the bulletin board for brothels.

Stunk reviews brothels and throws it on the board, along with other adventurers. And these people are reading the reviews while having a bit of banter.


download 2020 01 11T163051.985 download 2020 01 11T163103.106 download 2020 01 11T163115.509

And later into the first episode – we see a cat girl that leads to this conversation between Stunk and Zel, the main characters in Ishuzoku Reviewers.


angel girl ishuzoku reviewers 1

I haven’t added ALL the screenshots but one thing I’ll say: the animation quality is nice.

The art style is pretty fresh as well and none of the scenes are dull or boring to look at.

And even though the Ecchi themes are strong (it’s about brothels after all) the comedy is still legit. Episode 1 didn’t blow me away but it’s worth watching.

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In a nutshell:

  • NICE animation.
  • Unique themes never explored before in anime.
  • Comical in its own way.
  • Eye candy.
  • And it doesn’t feel trashy.

The outrage police and SJW’s on Twitter won’t be happy (the loud minority). But F’it.

I’d recommend Ishuzoku Reviewers based on the first episode if Ecchi is your thing.

Or you wanna try something new and the mature themes have got you curious.



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