Is Anime Motivation’s Store Legitimate?

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As a regular user of Anime Motivation, you might be thinking: What’s with the title of this post?

And who would blame you.

You’re already comfortable with the site, the shop, buying or reading.

You know what Anime Motivation is about already, and you know it’s a legitimate business.

With a legitimate blog that goes out on a weekly basis.

With a legitimate social media presence.

And if you really love Anime Motivation, then you’be been here since the beginning.

AND you know I’m the founder behind the business who writes often on this blog.

BUT… if you’ve stumbled upon this post by searching with Google or Bing, you might think differently…

Is Anime Motivation's Store Legitimate?
Bing search results for Anime Motivation Store

Bing shows me this is the question some customers ask about Anime Motivation.

And it makes sense.

With the amount of scams and fraudsters hanging around on the dark corners of the internet, it’s natural you’d want to be safe sooner. Rather than sorry later.

And being a victim of fraud/scams myself in the past, It’s understandable.

So I know where you’re coming from as an online shopper.

So back to the BIG question….


Is Anime Motivation’s Store Legit?

Is Anime Motivation's Store Legitimate?

If this is the question you’ve been asking on Bing. In fact forget Bing.

If this is the question you’ve asked ANYWHERE online, well… Let me break it down for you.

And dive right into the history of Anime Motivation. How the business started. Why it’s trustworthy and of course, why it’s the most legit anime retailer online.


The Hard Facts About Anime Motivation:


1. was founded in March 2016

The domain was first purchased way back in March 2016.


2. Anime Motivation’s Purpose

This website started out with the intention to inspire the anime community. And that purpose hasn’t changed much over the past year since the domain went live.

The purpose of Anime Motivation has expanded.

It’s all about making a difference in the anime community.

Inspirational anime quotes, anime life lessons, entertaining content… And helpful posts helps drive that mission forward.

The same is true for social media and everything else related to the business.

If you leave inspired, or simply feeling better (in some way) after being here, then that purpose was fulfilled.

And that’s the core of what drives the business forward.


3. The “business” went live in November 2016

After getting set-up prior to opening the store, it officially went live in November 2016.

That means the business has been running for less than 12 months. It’s still a baby in diapers!

That being said, the line of anime products has grown on a massive scale since then.


4. 200+ Published Articles & Blog Posts as of August 2017

It used to be on a weekly or monthly basis for blog posts and articles.

Nowa’days it’s every week without fail.

But even that’s not the full picture. Because EVERYDAY there’s fresh content being published.

Especially within the past few months of 2017.

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5. A Team Of Passionate Writers & Contributors

Is Anime Motivation's Store Legitimate?
Konata Izumi’s pretty fast on the keyboard!

Every week or month, there are passionate writers contributing to Anime Motivation.

You may have seen some of the posts yourself. There’s never just 1 writer publishing posts here.

And I’m grateful for each and every one of them.

You can become a writer too.

Learn more here: Become A Contributor And Share Your Passion For Anime


6. Featured by Great Anime Sites

Japanese Station

Japanese Station republished one of many articles on the site in December 2016.

And it’s not the first feature either.

Japanese Station is the biggest Indonesian anime portal. So it’s kind of a big deal.

And also the guys over at Katsu News feature tons of content from Anime Motivation.

Personally I’m grateful to both of them.


7. Consistently active on social networks

Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Quora… You can follow us in a lot of different places online.

And you can expect something everyday, and every week at minimum.


8. Anime Mascot: Hikari Yorokobi

Hikari Yorokobi mascot anime motivation
Meet Anime Motivation’s Mascot!

That’s right, our own anime mascot known as Hikari Yorokobi.

She represents Anime Motivation across social networks and the business itself.

You can learn more about her: Hikari Yorokobi Mascot


9. Anime Retailer of Nendoroid’s, Figures & Statues

Unlike your average anime retailer that sells a bit of everything… The main product we specialize in is figurines.

And that includes the latest from:

  • The Good Smile Company.
  • Megahouse.
  • Kotobukiya.
  • Max Factory.
  • Phat!
  • Orange Rouge.

And many more official anime manufacturers.

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10. Monthly Newsletter

You can join it here: Subscribe To Anime Motivation’s Newsletter


In other words: Anime Motivation is legit.

Much more legit than 90% of anime retailers online.

If that wasn’t true, then all the effort put into it would be worthless, right?

I mean you’re a smart person. Which means you know like I do that scammers, fraudsters, and untrustworthy retailers are in it for the “quick” buck.

They’ll scam you as fast as they can, and aren’t fans of building something of value.

Or investing in something for the long-term since they’re short-term thinkers.

If you have any concerns, now’s the time to share them!

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