Japanese TV Networks Blacklist Interspecies Reviewers (Only 1 Network Remains)

interspecies reviewers shock

Interspecies Reviewers might be the most controversial anime ever released.

It’s a given that a few anime per year cause controversy, receive backlash, or have “some” people BAN it on certain networks.

But Interspecies Reviewers, ever since being suspended from Funimation, is getting the same treatment from MANY different companies.

Amazon is another surprising company that followed suit.

It’s almost as if Japan is following America’s lead, which started with Funimation.

The tweet above translates to:

“Regarding the suspension of Interspecies Reviewers’ broadcast on Sun TV:

Due to the circumstances of (Sun TV parent company) Sun Television Corporation, further broadcasts of the Interspecies Reviewers on Sun TV will be suspended.”

In response, one fan says:

“If more stations stop broadcasting each episode, there will be no more stations that can broadcast until the last episode … 😰 I hope this anime will be able to reach the “finish” safely… 😢”

Only ONE network is left broadcasting Interspecies Reviewers in Japan.

Why Japan is doing this is anyone’s guess.

It’s a strange move considering Japan isn’t the type to bend over to the logic of other countries like the US.

But ever since Funimation suspended the anime, Japan eventually went down the same route.

Now the anime‘s BEST option of being seen is the internet. Which means piracy (in most cases).

Ironic seeing as this is one of the reason’s piracy exists, even though Japan (and some anime companies) complain about it.

Source: Twitter.



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