If Anime Were Named Like Clickbait YouTube Videos, This Is How They Would Sound

smug girl big head anime

Anime shows sometimes have long, irrelevant titles that lack creativity. Isekai is a culprit of this.

Other times it’s nice and simple, straight to the point or different.

With that said, what if anime were named like Clickbait YouTube videos or news articles?

Not that I believe it would change how attention grabbing an anime might be, but it’s a funny thought.

Let’s talk about it.



naruto episode 1


2. “Wait… The main character did WHAT to this woman??” (Shield Hero)

shield hero myne naofumi blush


3. “You won’t believe what happens to these CUTE magical girls.” (Madoka Magica)

madoka magica kawaii


4. “When a gay couple goes ice skating together **SHOCKING**” (Yuri On Ice)

yuri on ice


5. “FEMINISTS will RUN to Twitter when they see this.” (Goblin Slayer)

goblin slayer episode 1 scene


6. “Naked Murderous Barbie dolls eat humans! How humans respond will shock you!” (AOT)

attack on titan titans naked


7. “If you LOVE bad-ass women, DON’T watch this anime.” (Black Lagoon)

black lagoon badass characters


8. “How to get women to LOVE you in 5 easy steps.” (How Not To Summon A Demon Lord)

how not to summon a demon lord harem scene


9. “How to kill your WORST enemy without getting caught.” (Death Note)

light yagami crazy smile


10. “When a girl gets revenge on her ASSHOLE boyfriend.” (Skip Beat)

skip beat kyouko


11. “These girls are so CUTE you might die of happiness” (K-On)

k on cute girls


12. “What do you mean these cute girls get TRAUMATIZED? Stop it!” (Gakkou Gurashi)

gakkou gurashi cover cute


13. “Kids are trapped inside a game with no hope of survival. Here’s what happens NEXT.” (SAO)

sao trauma kirito


14. “The main protagonist trains so hard he loses all his hair. What happens next is unbelievable.” (One Punch Man)

saitama ok one punch man


15. “How to receive a Goddesses’ blessing, even if you’re a shut-in NEET.” (Kono Subarashii)

aqua goddess gif


Imagine a world full of these titles in the anime industry (or even movies in general).

That would be a good laugh. In all seriousness though, if someone did this as a joke, I wonder how that would turn out.

Might lighten the mood a bit.



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