If Anime Characters Were Bloggers, This Is Probably What They Would Write About

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What if anime characters were real like me and you?

What would they write about? What would they blog about? And what kind of thoughts would they share with the world?

Here’s my part-sarcastic, part-serious attempt at answering those questions.


What Anime Characters Would Write About:


1. Lelouch Lamperouge

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Just like in Code Geass, Lelouch would write about how he’s going to change world.

Except he wouldn’t be so blunt about HOW he’s going to do it.

You can imagine Lelouch writing about the death of his loved ones as well. And people who were wrongly killed towards the path to his ultimate goal.

Oh, and his blogger name would be: ZERO.


2. Umiko Ahagon

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Umiko is a programmer in the anime: New Game!

If she ran her own blog, you could imagine Umiko writing about:

  • The day in the life of a female programmer.
  • How to fix errors and bugs when programming.
  • How to spot bugs before publishing a project.
  • How to create a simple game with basic programming skills.

Umiko would also blog about her love and passion for airsoft guns and FPS games.

In fact this might even be the entire theme behind her blog. Unless she had 2 blogs separate for both topics.


3. Soma Yukihira

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Soma Yukihira from Food Wars would write about his journey to the elite cooking school.

Not to mention his life growing up in his dads diner, the skills he learned and so on.

In fact – If Soma Yukihira were real and had his own blog, I’d be one of his biggest readers.

There’s a lot of lessons in the way he cooks, and how it applies to life and business.


4. Tsumugi Kotobuki

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Tsumugi Kotobuki’s a main character from: K-On! The king of “moe”.

I can imagine her writing about:

  • How to make a strawberry shortcake.
  • How to brew the best, most delicious cups of tea.
  • How to make delicious desserts that taste AND look good.

And basically anything along the lines of food.

With her quirky personality, she’d be able to run her own YouTube vlog as well.


5. Miho Nishizumi

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Miho is the daughter of Shiho Nishizumi, with a passion for the military sport: Tankery.

I can imagine Miho talking about:

  1. How to plan and strategize.
  2. The importance of putting your team mates in a position to succeed.
  3. Using your core strengths.

And things of that nature.


6. Dutch

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Assuming Dutch retired from the life of crime, he’d talk about:

  • His stories relating to smuggling drugs, guns, etc.
  • Running the lagoon company.
  • How to run a company and hire people.
  • The importance of staying calm in high pressure situations.
  • His upbringing.

Dutch is from the anime: Black Lagoon. And he’s one of the most interesting characters.

If he was real, we’d get to see more of his past expressed through the written word.


7. Koro Sensei

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Koro Sensei is one of the best philosophers of all time (within anime).

His style of teaching puts a lot of attention on his students. And that’s exactly what he’d write about.

  1. Philosophy.
  2. The importance of focusing on your strengths.
  3. Why it’s important to learn and be curious outside of school.
  4. How “losing” can help you improve and grow.

And basically topics focused on personal development.

Koro Sensei would be one of the wisest writers known to mankind.


8. Yukari Akiyama

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Yukari Akiyama’s a main character from: Girls Und Panzer.

One thing you’ll notice is her extreme passion for the military, tanks, and the history behind it.

If she were a blogger, she’s write about the rich history of war, weapons and tanks.

Considering her depth of knowledge on the subject, she’d carve out her own niche on the internet.


9. Chiaki Shinichi

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Shinichi’s a musician, who’s been making music for more than a decade in the anime.

He’s skilled with multiple instruments, but is best at running an orchestra.

It’s these topics Shinichi would write about and express to the world. And considering how knowledgeable he is, it’s not hard to imagine he’d be famous from it.

Plus he’s a talented musician anyway.


10. Junichirou Kagami

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

As a hardcore Otaku who loves video games and anime figurines, it’s easy to guess what Junichirou would write about.

And besides: even in the anime: Denpa Kyoushi, Junichirou runs his own blog through his laptop.

A blog he even makes money from. So this would be a natural transition in the real world.


11. Bulma

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Bulma’s blog would be the most interesting on this list.

As proven through Dragon Ball Z, Bulma’s a wizard when it comes to science, building gadgets and spaceships.

She has a deep level of knowledge about space, technology, and everything related to it. If Bulma were a blogger, she’d write about her findings, inventions and discoveries.

In fact as a human race, we would have already travelled beyond the milky way galaxy by now, if Bulma were real.


12. Light Yagami

If Anime Characters Were Bloggers

Light Yagami’s blog would share similarities to Lelouch Lamperouge. Except it would be built around detective work, and his monopoly over the “death note”.

Or maybe he’d take the darker route and create his own government with the power of the death note. And strike fear into the hearts of society.

Whatever he’d write about, Light Yagami’s thoughts are bound to be interesting.


Who would you add to this list?

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