How To Buy Your 1st Anime Figure Without Driving Yourself Nuts

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Buying your 1st anime figure should be easy and simple. Otherwise it’s not worth it.

After all you’ve only got so much time, so you can’t waste it on something inconvenient.

If you’ve been struggling to decide which anime figure to buy, this post will help.

And after reading it, you’ll be well on your way to buying your first anime figurine without going crazy. 😉


1. What are your favorite anime series?

Anime series give birth to anime figures. It’s the reason they exist.

So ask yourself: what’s my favorite anime series?

If that’s too hard, just choose a set of animes that you love. Whether that’s a few or a lot.

And then pay attention to the latest figurines for the animes you enjoy. Otherwise you’ll have an endless amount of figures to choose from.


2. Who are your favorite anime characters?

If #1 is too hard, then choose your favorite set of anime characters instead.

This one is easy because figurines are built around specific characters. Posed from different scenes in each series.

If say: Rin Tohsaka is your favorite character, then focus on getting a figurine of Rin Tohsaka.

That will help you narrow down your list of anime figures to choose from. And you won’t be overwhelmed with too many choices. Which is a good thing.


3. Do you like beautiful ornaments?

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Anime figures and ornaments have a lot in common.

They’re still, don’t move, high quality, beautiful and the materials feel special.

If that’s what you’d prefer, and you’d rather go for quality over price, a PVC Statue will do just fine.

Anime statues start from around £80-£100 all the way to £1000+.

And if it’s a certain character you want, you’ll have no trouble finding it.


4. Do you want your figurine to move and be flexible?

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Action figures and Nendoroid’s work differently to statues.

With anime action figures, each figure comes with optional parts and accessories.

You can use each part to change a figurines clothes, hands, head, weapons, pose, stance, etc.

If you’d rather price over pristine quality, then action figures and Nendoroid’s will do you fine.

Both start at £20 – £90+ on average.


5. What price range are you comfortable starting with?

How To Buy Your 1st Anime Figure Without Driving Yourself Nuts

By now you’ve probably made your choice about what you want. But just in case, let’s go over it again.

  1. PVC Statues start from £80-£100 up to the £1000’s. And are of the highest quality materials.
  2. Action Figures come with parts, accessories, and feel most realistic as you can customize their looks.
  3. Nendoroid’s are mini action figures which are customizable with parts as well.

It all comes down to what your goals are, why you want to buy anime figures, and what your preference is.

But with these 5 simple questions, it should take you no time at all to make up your mind.


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