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The Greatest “Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash” Quotes That Will Bring Back The Feels

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash (Hai To Gensou No Grimgar) quotes, by:

  • Shinohara.
  • Haruhiro.
  • Mary.
  • Brittany.
  • Hayashi.
  • Babara.
  • Manato.
  • Ranta.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash, produced by A-1 Pictures is an anime about “survival of the fittest”.

What would you do if you were thrown into a random country, forced to fend for yourself without knowing what’s happening? Grimgar’s theme is similar to this, but in a fantasy world.

That’s why the quotes are powerful, meaningful, and come from a place of struggle. Which makes the characters relatable.

Let’s get into the quotes!


A Collection Of Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Quotes:


1. Mary Quotes

mary quotes grimgar |

“There are wounds that even magic can’t heal, but… even though it was painful to hear you talk about it, it was okay. That part was okay.” – Mary


mary quotes grimgar 1 |

“Okay. I will protect all of you. I will never let another friend die.” – Mary


2. Manato Quotes

manato grimgar quotes |

“Everybody has things they aren’t good at or can’t do. We cover each other’s weakness. That’s what a party’s for.” – Manato


manato grimgar quotes 1 |

“If you guys weren’t here, I don’t know what would have happened to me. You can’t live in this world alone, no matter how you look at it.” – Manato


manato grimgar quotes 2 |

“I’m the one who is grateful. That’s because you’re all willing to be my friends. For that, I’m grateful.” – Manato


3. Ranta Quotes

ranta quotes grimgar |

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll only tire yourself out.” – Ranta


ranta quotes grimgar 1 |

“So now we know her past. So what? It doesn’t have anything to do with us. We have to be nice to her just because she’s had a rough past? You’ve got to be kidding.” – Ranta


ranta quotes grimgar 2 |

“We should be driven by things like our desires, instincts, and impulses. That’s how it should be.” – Ranta


ranta quotes grimgar 3 |

“I’m a man who makes precise choices about time, place, and people. People call me Master of Choices. I’m gonna be the King of the Choices!” – Ranta


ranta quotes grimgar 4 |

“Why do we have to be okay being friends with someone who won’t treat us as friends?” – Ranta


4. Haruhiro Quotes

Haruhiro quotes |

“You said that she’s no different from us, right? So if we don’t try to get to know her, she won’t try to get to know us either. If we don’t treat her as a friend, she won’t treat us as her friends either, right?” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 1 |

“Are our enemies the kobolds? No, our real enemies are our overly weak selves.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 2 |

“Yeah, we’ve become friends. When you’re in the same party, there will be times when things don’t go smoothly, when you get angry, and when you fight. But they really are your precious friends. It doesn’t matter why you became friends, but that you are friends at this moment.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 3 |

“I’m different from who I was yesterday. I wonder what I will be like tomorrow. Day by day, we live in the today and keep living to meet our future selves.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 4 |

“I now have things that I don’t want to forget, and things that I shouldn’t forget. And I don’t plan to ever forget those things, as long as I live.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 5 |

“After today, tomorrow will come again. Maybe I’ve been taking that for granted. But now… It’s not easy, huh…” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 6 |

“If we had spent more time together, maybe I would have seen another side of him. I wish I knew him more. I wish I knew more about what kind of person he was. I wanted more time. If we had more time, we would’ve gone through things together. Maybe we would’ve gotten annoyed at each other and fight. Maybe we would’ve disliked each other, or liked each other more.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes |

“As for me, I have a lot of things that I’m not good at and that I need to work on. My comrades make up for those weaknesses by help me out, and maybe that’s how we’ve found a balance in our party.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro Quotes

“We fall into a routine and make careless mistakes because of that. Maybe it’d be good for us to have some excitement or be under pressure once in a while.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 7 |

“It seems like we spent a long time together, but it wasn’t. It was actually pretty short. Too short. So I kind of know, but I kind of don’t know what I want to say. He was friendly, easy to talk to, and smart. He could do anything and was reliable. I thought he was perfect. But maybe I just didn’t realize what his faults were. He might have been hiding his flaws.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 8 |

“I know we can’t immediately treat her as part of our group, but if we always think of her as an outsider, she’ll never have a chance to become part of our group.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 9 |

“Nobody knows what will happen in the future. Something even better might happen tomorrow.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 10 |

“It doesn’t matter what you were like before. Nobody cares.” – Haruhiro


Haruhiro quotes 11 |

“It’s a battle of life and death, and I’m still alive! So I’m not going to give up, and I’ll keep living. I’ll keep living until I die.” – Haruhiro


5. Shinohara Quotes

Shinohara quotes grimgar |

“I understand the pain of losing a comrade. I’ve experienced it, too. Please do not forget the pain. You will move forward while holding on to that pain. Please treasure the comrades you have now. Once they are gone, they will not return. Usually, you don’t realize this until afterwards.” – Shinohara


6. Hayashi Quotes

hayashi quotes grimgar |

“The more battles we fought, the more our confidence grew. We weren’t afraid of anything back then. But the difference between victory and defeat is paper-thin. We didn’t realize this and were arrogant.” – Hayashi


7. Brittany Quotes

Brittany Quotes No Grimgar

“Living has it own challenges. I’ll give you just one piece of advice. Don’t quit. Yes, when you die, you die. But if you give up, you’re definitely going to die. That, I am sure of.” – Brittany


8. Babara Quotes

babara quotes grimgar |

“If you have enough breath to say you don’t have energy, I haven’t push you far enough!” – Babara


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