Gohan’s Dragon Ball Latin Voice Actor Shot & Killed, Along With Wife

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I’m sensitive to reporting on things like this, because of the nature of how personal and tragic it is.

Luis Alfonso Mendoza, Gohan’s Latin dub voice actor was shot to death and killed. Along with his wife.

The killer then tried killing Mendoza’s brother in law and attempted suicide afterwards.

latin dub voice actor death dragon ball

This all started over an argument relating to a tenant renting out studio space from Mendoza.

After getting into a dispute, Mendoza and his wife were shot and killed over “nothing” in the grand scheme of things.

Luis Alfonso Mendoza got his shine in 1996 and has been dubbing Gohan’s character ever since in Latin America.

He also played a role in voice acting Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes and Daffy Duck.

Mendoza died in Mexico to be exact.


Heartfelt Tweets

Translation for the last tweet:

“Just a couple of days ago we laughed with my castaway look, and today you are no longer Luis Alfonso … Somebody explain it to me …! Fortunately you stay in the heart with your laughter and your jokes and the memories of so many years … Yesterday was a sad day.”

Mendoza’s work on YouTube

In the end all I have to say is: did it really have to come to this?

Something so big was made out of something so small. Either way – I hope the family stays blessed.


News source: Cartoon Brew


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