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Germany Banned Redo Of Healer, Now It’s An Amazon Best Seller In The Same Country

keyaru sama redo of healer
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Redo Of Healer will continue to face opposition and challenges because of its content.

It’s not exactly politically correct, or shy about going to the extremes it does in spite of how controversial it is.

It’s a “rape” story after all, where the MC is raped, abused, traumatized… And he gets revenge against the woman who abused him….

For years.


Streaming companies in Germany rejected it

redo of healer best seller germany

German anime streaming companies actually picked up Redo Of Healer. But they didn’t do their due diligence.

Once they realized what the content was actually about, they banned it and ran a mile. Refusing to stream it.

The end result is Redo Of Healer becoming a best seller in Germany in the anime category.

Right now it’s #2 but that could change this week or in the coming weeks as more episodes start airing. Which will lead to more outrage and attention.



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