George Akiyama Manga Author Dies At 77 From Unknown Causes

george akiyama mangaka died

George Akiyama, a Mangaka from Japan has died at 77 years old. The news was only made public recently.

The cause of George Akiyama’s death is unknown and nothing specific has been released yet.

His family have already had a private memorial ahead of time.


Who Is George Akiyama?

george akiyama manga author

George Akiyama, born Yuji Akiyama was a Mangaka who tackled controversial topics in his works.

He was a man who was willing to challenge himself no matter the topic he touched on.

He quit high school and moved to Tokyo to become a Manga artist. Which is how his career kicked off.


Akiyama’s first Manga

Gaikotsu kun gag manga

George Akiyama made and published his first gag Manga in 1966.

This was followed by a controversial Manga that potrayed human life in an unsettling fashion.

The manga was called Ashura.

His last Manga was published in 2005 on record.


george akiyama mangaka dies

The Shogakukan Big Comic Original Editorial Department had this to say:

“We would like to express our utmost respect and gratitude to George Akiyama-sensei, who was a leader in the Japanese manga industry for many years and for his many achievements during his lifetime. We respectfully pray that he may rest in peace.”

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