Funimation “Fired” Ishuzoku Reviewers Translator, Forced To Sign NDA (Rumor)

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Funimation‘s forums for Ishuzkou Reviewers, an anime they cancelled for it being” outside company standards” is lighting up right now.

While some of the forums were deleted by Funimation in a form of censorship, some still remain.

Let’s take a look at the conversations and rumors surrounding Ishuzoku Reviewers cancellation.


Apparently a translator was “fired” and forced to sign NDA

The conversation starts with this:

funimation ishuzoku reviewers forums cancelled

“It didn’t come to light till today, because they want to bury it under the rug! Its friday night and they’re hoping this will all be swept under the rug by monday when the news blogs and stuff start reporting again.”

Funimation already confirmed all of this with ANN and gave them the same copy and paste statement anyway. They won’t be giving any other sort of answer like every other time so dont be hoping for anything different.


In response, someone mentioned a translator being forced to sign NDA


“It’s ANN they probably didn’t even talk to Funimation, they probably just copied the reddit post.

Also Funi broke their contract with the translator and Fired her a couple days ago and forced her to sign a NDA. So she couldn’t tell anyone the show was cancelled. it seems like Funi had planned to silently cancel it and say nothing.”

nda shuzoku reviewers translator

When asked to verify this information, the poster said THIS:

“I’m not going to post where I got the info about the translator because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”

nda ishuzoku reviewers funimation

Link: Funimation Ishuzoku Reviewers Forum (Link No Longer Works)

Whether this is true or not – one thing to keep in mind is how Funimation has swept all this under the rug.

Not to mention:

  • Voice Actors
  • Other translators

And anyone else who was contracted to work on Ishuzoku Reviewers…. has been forced out of a job and probably won’t be getting paid like they expected.

download 2020 01 11T163242.496

After all – the show’s been cancelled when Funimation knew what they were getting into from the beginning.

Cancelling it midway after some episodes have already aired tells a deeper story hidden behind “company standards” to avoid going into details.

It’s just a rumor as far as the forum comments, but knowing Funimation‘s history it shouldn’t surprising.



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