The Heart Of A Torpedo Fleet Girl: Fubuki Class Destroyer

“I can do this. I have to believe.” – Fubuki

  • Anime: Kantai Collection.
  • Anime Genre: Military, Slice Of Life.
  • Role: Main character.
  • Age: Teens.
  • Originally from browser games: Kancolle.



Fubuki’s not the most talented girl. Let alone the most talented anime character.

From the moment the anime series kicks off, Fubuki is comparable to a clown. No matter how hard she tries, her results are so terrible that it’s laughable.

At first glance she seems like an “ordinary” character with nothing special that makes her stand out.

Especially as far as character design goes.

She’s introduced in episode 1 of Kantai Collection as she’s transferred to a new fleet. Where she’s forced to adapt fast in preparation for an upcoming battle.


Fubuki’s Personality

Fubuki and Shimakaze.

Fubuki is a humble school girl who never brags about her accomplishments.

The type of person who pushes themselves harder than most would even dare. While at the same time is hard on herself when she fails to succeed.

I think it’s these two contradicting traits that balances out her character.

And makes her relatable and realistic to watch. While also being a reason why Fubuki inspires her classmates.

In general, Fubuki has no trouble getting along with others, even though she’s not that extroverted.

And you’d find it easy to warm to her personality because of how easy going she is.

Not to mention well-mannered and responsible.


Fubuki’s Strengths:



Fubuki, even though she wouldn’t admit it, is a great leader and knows how to lead others.

Once Fubuki knows what the task at hand is, she’s all-in.

And has a skill for making logical decisions that are bound to succeed.

While considering her militant teammates and putting them in a position that will play to their strengths.

No matter the circumstances, Fubuki never allows herself to let emotions get in the way of logic.

Especially when it comes to others.



Fubuki jogging.

Fubuki is the hardest working Kantai Collection character, no questions asked.

Her work-ethic is the reason Fubuki inspires those around her.

Including characters who have more battle experience than Fubuki.

One example is when she’s training in episode 1, 2, on wards.

Fubuki barely gets any sleep. And yet still pushes herself to wake up, go for a jog, exercise and train her body.

All for the purpose of becoming more skilled when out at sea.

And so she can carry her weapons without falling over and losing balance.

I’d say this is Fubuki”s best trait. And it compensates for her lack of “natural” ability. If that’s even a thing.



When I say honesty, I mean Fubuki’s not afraid to compliment others.

She’s also not afraid to admit if someone else is better than she is.

One example is Akagi, a standard class carrier in Kantai Collection.

With an “archer” type arsenal of weapons.

From the moment Fubuki meets Akagi, Fubuki goes out her way to praise Akagi’s skills and personality.

And not in a “kissing ass” kind of way. More like “I look up to you and I admire what you do” kind of way.

Despite having no problem praising others, Fubuki uses this as inspiration to become better herself.

And to work even harder to level-up wile being more useful to her fleet.


Fubuki’s Weakest Traits:



Ooi, the Kuma Class Torpedo Cruiser is a good example of this.

In the anime, Ooi is obsessed with a character named: Kitakami.

And whenever anyone tries talking to Kitakami, Ooi gets jealous, angry, bitchy and disrespectful.

When Fubuki has to deal with her, she’s disrespected by Ooi. And talked-down to like she’s worthless.

And Fubuki shrugs it off. Pretending nothing ever happened.

While Fubuki is dedicated and serious when it comes to work, she’s timid around others.

Especially those who are overbearing, controlling or bullies.

It doesn’t matter much since the purpose of Kantai Collection isn’t about that.

But it’s still a weakness worth pointing out, which makes Fubuki a more relatable character.



Fubuki damaged after battle.

Yep. Even though Fubuki’s work ethic is one of her strengths, it’s also her weakness.

It’s a double edged sword.

One example is when Fubuki’s out on the battlefield.

Because she’s so driven to become stronger and gain approval of the higher-ups, she almost gets herself killed.

But of course she got off lucky.

So even though hard-work is a good thing… When taken too far, it can push you over the edge.

And you could end up being stupid because of your desire to “have” things too soon.

That’s the lesson here from Fubuki’s greatest weakness.


Fubuki’s Relationships:


Yuudachi (Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer)

From episode #1 Yuudachi has been a good friend of Fubuki. Since they both live within the same “dorm”.

While I feel they’re not as close as Fubuki’s other relationships, they do get along.

Yuudachi is the brutally honest type, and that helps Fubuki when she needs advice.

Even if it seems too harsh or unhelpful.

Fubuki has no problem opening up to Yuudachi as the series progresses.

It takes a little longer compared to other characters like Mutsuki. 

One of their most similar traits is their level of dedication and focus.

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Mutsuki (Class Destroyer)

Mutsuki’s the kind of helpful, caring friend you can always rely on.

Similar to Uiharu from anime: Railgun, Mutsuki is a good listener.

And tends to encourage Fubuki whenever she’s feeling down or defeated.

Fubuki and Mutsuki compliment each other pretty well.


Kongou (Class Fast Battleship)

Kongou plays the big sister role in an indirect way throughout Kantai Collection.
Whenever Fubuki needs a shoulder to lean on, Kongou is more than willing.

But I think the best part of their relationship is their positive attitudes.

In general, Fubuki is a positive person. And Kongou is even more positive and high energy.

She’s laid back and enthusiastic. And it rubs off on Fubuki whenever they’re together.


Yamato (Class Battleship)

Yamato and Fubuki’s relationship is brief compared to the others.

It starts off with Fubuki wanting to take Yamato out to sea for her first time.

And even though their bond grows from there, the relationship between Fubuki and Yamato is lacking.

At least compared to the Kantai Collection characters.


Akagi (Class Standard Carrier)

And then finally we have Akagi and Fubuki.

Their relationship is one of mentor and men-tee.

Fubuki wants to be the type of battleship who’s powerful and experienced like Akagi.

Akagi’s one of the main inspirations for Fubuki from episode 1 of Kantai Collection.

On the other-hand, Akagi also takes inspiration from Fubuki’s work ethic and character.

Side by side, Akagi and Fubuki’s relationship is the strongest in Kantai Collection.

Even if Akagi isn’t seen together with Fubuki as often as others.


Final Thoughts on Fubuki

I like Fubuki’s personality and character. She’s the perfect example of hard work pays off.

As corny as it might sound.

But Fubuki worked hard to achieve so much in a short space of time.

From doubting herself and wanting to give up. To having the whole fleet support her, and Fubuki inspiring her fleet.

Which is why they wanted to help Fubuki in the first place.

Fubuki’s a cool main character, and I enjoyed her character development throughout.

I’d rate Fubuki 8/10.

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