Anime Film Producer: Hiro Matsuoka On Demon Slayer’s Movie Success In Japan

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Hiro Matsuoaka, an anime film producer (Detective Pikachu in 2019) spoke with Forbes about Demon Slayer‘s success.

The anime movie: Demon Slayer Mugen Train has been killing it in Japanese theatres. Hitting numbers not even the creators or fans could have expected.

That’s especially true if you consider COVID 19 and coronavirus’s impact on the anime industry. And life in general.

No denying that.


Hiro Matsuoaka’s thoughts on Demon Slayer movie:

“The massive success of Demon Slayer is a very encouraging event for us in the film industry. The movie is one of the biggest hits to ever be released, and the fact that it has reached this level of success even during these difficult times among COVID makes Demon Slayer significant to the entertainment industry and consumers in the following ways.

It is a testimony that there is strong demand for movies. It is clear that people see moviegoing as a key form of entertainment and are willing to go to the theaters for the full theatrical experience you can’t get at home.

It is clear that even a full theater is perceived as safe. The theatres in Japan are operated at 100% capacity, and there have been no COVID clusters being reported.”

Not the only reason, but I believe part of Demon Slayer‘s success in theatres is BECAUSE of the coronavirus.

Think about it.

The anime itself blew up in 2019 and has become well known in the shonen world. But since 2020 most of us have been stuck in doors.

That includes Japanese anime fans.

So the drive to go out to theatres, in my view, would rise in an environment like that. Because you’ve been indoors and limited for so long before the fact.

Even if Japan (unlike the west) hasn’t been as limited by lockdowns or coronavirus in general.


Hiro Matsuoaka’s expectations for Mugen Train:

“Though it is too early to say, we do expect Demon Slayer to perform well for an anime film. Anime itself is still a niche market in other territories.

While we don’t expect it to exceed anime blockbusters like Dragon Ball Super: Broly (domestic box office total: $30 million) and other live-action blockbuster features, the movie’s massive success in Japan may give outsiders a bigger appetite to view the film.”

I agree with that.

It’s undeniable that Mugen Train has give MANY anime fans outside Japan an appetite to watch the film.

Demon Slayer, just like My Hero Academia, has been a gateway anime for NEW fans coming into the industry.

It’s opened doors for many outsiders to give anime a try, and Mugen Train only accelerated that with its success and popularity.

What do you think?


News source: Forbes



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