Japanese Man Blames “Feminism” For Growing Pressure To BAN Anime & Manga Content

Japanese Man Blames Feminism For Growing Pressure To BAN Anime Manga Content 5
Written by Theo J Ellis

Just yesterday I talked about a Texas school implying anime is a bad influence to its students.

Earlier in the week it was about girls finding a guys hobbies disgusting just because he’s a fan of anime, despite having a stable job.

And today there’s even more controversy, but on a bigger scale. About the industry itself in Japan.

Originally mentioned by Hanako Montgomery via VICE, the article talks about how Japan “can’t bring itself to ban sexual depictions of children in Manga“.

It feels a tad hyperbolic but it has its points.

vice sexual depictions manga article


The article starts off saying:

“The comics feature young girls engaged in explicit sexual acts, often with exaggerated body parts but facial features that look like those of children. A growing number of countries have banned them, considering such depictions as exploitation of minors even if they are fictitious.”

I can’t tell whether the writer is using terms like “explicit” or “porn manga” to disingenuously imply all manga or anime is like this. Or whether they’re focusing exclusively on manga that highlights this content.

They use these terms aggressively throughout the article so it’s hard to say.


Japanese videographer’s comments on the issue



“We oppose policies that infringe on our freedom of expression,” Taisei Sugiyama, a Japanese videographer.”

It continues:

“Make no mistake—Sugiyama is no fan of the comics. He said he did not watch them, but would defend what he called the rights of those who did. He went so far as to compare people who like such manga with suppressed minority groups such as LGBTQ people in Japan, and blamed the “rise of feminism” in the country for the growing pressure to ban the content.”

As pointed out by the videographer by the name of Taisei Sugiyama, he himself doesn’t watch this stuff at all.

That said, he looks at the bigger picture and is aware of the damage to freedom of expression this would cause. Assuming anime or manga content was to be banned.

Freedom of expression in Japan is light years ahead of many countries, and it’s why anime has so much variation in content. As well as manga in general.

The so called Hentai side of the picture has its own controversy, but banning it isn’t a justification (in a nutshell).

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Depictions of minors

anime girls cute japanese street wall

The above picture is embedded from VICE, and in the caption they say:

“It’s Not Uncommon To See Sexual Illustrative Depictions Of Minors In Japan.”

What exactly is sexual in nature about this image in particular? How is it explicit?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Attractiveness, sexualization, and being sexual aren’t the same thing.

This applies to anime and manga in general, not just the above image.

Many in the west and those who’ve been influenced by feminism misuse the words to mean things they don’t.

It’s even outright disingenuous to assume if it’s a woman’s body, that automatically makes it sexual.


The hyperbolic argument of manga and anime influencing child abuse

cute anime girls akihabara japan
Source: vice.com | PHOTO: BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP.

In another section of the article, VICE talks about how some people have tried linking child abuse to manga and anime. A BBC journalist tried making a similar accusation years ago.

That aside, this is similar to the argument of saying video games cause violence. In both cases it’s anecdotal at best, is a minority of cases, and has no correlation.

The root problem (self esteem issues for example) is ignored in favor of finding something to demonize for personal gain and hidden agendas.



“Creators often point to the lack of conclusive evidence linking child abuse in manga to an increase in real-world cases of child abuse. In 2002, though the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged the possibility that such virtual images could lead to increased abuse, it said there was no evidence to suggest a causal link.”

If you wanna see the full article, you can read it here.

Ultimately the point is – feminism is trying to censor everything it can get its hands on. Even anime and manga despite it being in a different country.

This will never happen by the way. That’s because it’s aim isn’t about fairness or equality, but privilege at others expense.

Also, freedom of expression in Japan in relation to anime and manga is an ongoing conversation with peer pressure coming from all sides to censor it.

Or put another way – the WEST sticking their nose in other people’s businesses as usual. But getting mad when the shoe’s on the other foot.

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